Zone Diet: A complete synopsis

What is the Zone diet?

Developed by Dr. Barry Sears Zone Diet is the diet one should follow that decreases the diet-induced inflammation. Basically, diet-induced inflammation has the following causes –

  1. Excess calorie intake
  2. Excess omega-6 fatty acids
  3. Excess intake of fatty acids that are saturated.
  4. Less intake of fermentable fiber in order to promote gut health.


The Zone diet enhances the mental state as well as contributes positively to your physical well-being by helping you to remove excess pounds.

The Zone diet is beneficial for children, pregnant women, and also helps in graceful and healthy aging. A lifelong diet, it helps one to enjoy the benefits of physical as well as mental wellness. It prevents Chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and Diabetes, too.


The Zone

When we speak about the ‘Zone’ in particular, it refers to the physical as well as a psychological state that one person is in. The Zone can be measured by clinical tests. If you are in the ‘Zone’ then, it rests assured that your mental and physical well-being is in pace and you have maintained a balance of both.

The various clinical marks to evaluate whether one is at ‘Zone’ are as follows:

  1. TG/HDL ratio

It’s ideal value is < 1.

It indicates the level to which insulin is being resisted in the liver. The way in which it can be tested is as follows. Generally, it is included with normal blood work within your cholesterol panel, when a blood test is carried out.

  1. AA/EPA ratio

It can be measured from diet & fish oil. Its ideal value is ranging from 1.5 to 3. It indicates the level of diet-induced Inflammation in the body.  The Zone Labs Cellular Inflammation Test helps a patient to identify the AA/EPA ratio.

  1. HbA1c

It can be measured from the diet one follows & polyphenols. Its ideal value is 5 %. It indicates nothing but the level of Advanced Glycosylated End products (AGE), which has to be tied to a patient’s blood glucose. HbA1c is tested by checking the blood sugar level in an interval of 3 months.

Only if all these clinical measurements have an ideal value in the body, then we can say that we are in the ‘Zone’.


Benefits of Following the Zone Diet:

By following the Zone diet, one can be in the ‘Zone’ and hence we can look into why being in the ‘Zone’ is beneficial. The benefits of following the ‘Zone Diet’ or being in the ‘Zone’ are as follows:


  1. Losing Body Fat: By following the ‘Zone’ diet, one can lose body fat at a very fast level. As a matter of fact, this is very beneficial for the people who want to lose weight pretty fast. The Zone Diet will give them a solution without hampering their health drastically.
  2. Wellness: Once a person follows the Zone diet, he can maintain wellness for a longer period of time.
  3. Better performance: Because of the clearance of mind and freshness that the Zone diet brings forth, one can perform better.


The Zone Diet

The constituent of Zone Diet is as follows:

  1. 1/3 protein has to be included in your diet which consists of the egg white, low-fat dairy, beef, poultry so on.
  2. 2/3 of your plate must have carbohydrates. These include various vegetables and little fruits. However, you cannot include raisins, potatoes, bananas, corn that have high sugar content.
  3. Fats like avocado, olive oil can be added, which are monosaturated in nature. Do not add unsaturated or tri-saturated fat because the main aim is to reduce unhealthy fat. Hence, you must be very careful about the content of fat.


The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid of The Zone Diet consists of Vegetables at the bottom-most and the widest and the base of the pyramid. After the vegetables come to the fruit. The fruits are followed by low-fat protein. As the triangle narrows it is followed by monosaturated fat and starch and grains.

It helps to maintain a wonderful balance of protein to glycemic that improves control over the hormones which affect us physiologically.


It is perfect to say that, let us depend upon food to make our life better and let us not depend upon medicines. Let healthy food be the medicine that helps us to keep a balance that is required in life. It is advisable to contact your best dietitian before you start any new diet to avoid complications.

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