Harmful effects of processed foods

What is processed food?

 Food can be processed in two ways, machinery and chemical processing. Food processed under machine without any added substance causes no harm or as the ingredients remain real without any adulteration. But chemical preservatives or added sugar like substance when added to change the originality of the food it adversely causes the side effects.

High Sugar Levels

Most of the processed foods are high in added sugars and high – fructose corn syrup. The added sugars cause more of anomalies causing insulin resistance and high triglycerides and cholesterol count. It even multiplies the fat accumulation in the liver sometimes causing an abdominal cavity. Prominently it maximizes deaths due to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  On average men should have 9 teaspoons of calories per day and woman 6 teaspoons. But if you reply to a canned coke you probably take up 140 calories in the form of added sugars.

Artificial flavoring and chemicals

You probably do not know the constituent even though you peep to the ingredient bar. The label just contains the flavors of what is stamped and not the real ingredients. Chemical preservatives and food colorants are the main chemical taboo to heath that is prominent in processed foods. Texturants and flavor are the chemicals that can make you mistaken a good food Ingredient, and furthermore, there are a handful of chemicals that goes unlisted. Look for artificial flavors at the ingredients panel. The single label indicates more than 10 chemicals present in that food. The sugars and junk activate and trigger the dopamine secreting cells of the brain, as a cause it becomes an addiction hard to eliminate. The foods hijack the taste buds and brain because of their hyper-rewarding nature.

No vitamins and minerals

If you have to puff up with energy go for carbs from natural sources in spite of relying on artificial processed sources. The refined carbs are fragile and are easily broken down, causing insulin spikes. A lot more of carbs has been commonly associated with chronic medical conditions. The abundance of vitamins and minerals is probably the least. But you can get fooled by some synthetic vitamins. You dine to a platter of processed carbs and sugar only no vitamins, antioxidants, fibers or minerals. Natural sources like legumes are high in fiber that keeps an eye on your bowel movements.

Constipation and digestion issues

It is even beneficial for a weight loss diet plan as it creates the feeling of being full and cuts off on diet. But most of the natural fibers are lost during the processing and what is left behind is the carbs. The food offers nothing to get digested. Fibers lost, carbs simplified, you just have to chew and swallow and feel the next hunger within 30 minutes. You do no work to digest the food you took. So you prefer grabbing more of them and call for addiction. The contents reveal a high dose of trans fats or unhealthy fats.

High-fat content

The fats contain an excess of omega 6 fatty acid, when present more than the desired amount, it breaks the balance between omega 3s and 6s resulting in inflammation and oxidation in the body. The best way to avoid this is converted oil choices to olive oil or coconut oil cutting off on unhealthy vegetable oil. You put yourself to a high risk of poor health by appetizing on junks and fast foods. You never know when they make you addictive and you get a brain trigger without them.


The major side effect is obesity. Once you are on a high BMI that is more than 30 you are overweight can prone to the risk of chronic health hazards especially heart palpitations. Gastritis among teenagers is an alarming disorder due to highly processed foods. The extra cheeseburger and mayo pizza will obviously show true colors. A long term effect like premature aging can occur along with skin loosening at an early age.

Skin Issues

Acne pimples and skin related diseases are common. Indigestion and digestive disorders are to frequent your days and create negative mood swings. There are loads of difficulty and disadvantage to the body if you crave on processed foods. Try to eat healthy so that a minor chunk to smack your taste buds can be preferred on some days.

That’s why dietitians are always against processed foods and junk food item. They always advise meals cooked at home with natural ingredient and no preservatives.


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