Vitamin K2-7 in diet.

Why is Vitamin K2-7 important in our Diet?

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? Today we are going to talk about the importance of vitamin K 2-7. People, there are certain vitamins which need to be taken in adequate quantities. Some of which have been very recently been discovered and their importance has been realized now. So let’s proceed to our topic then I will also touch the topics like how Vitamin K 2-7 helps us and what can you obtain it from, Dietitian’s Tips in India.

Your body requires all nutrition’s and its essential that one must consume them in the proportion it is required. Most important of these that we all tend to cater to are proteins carbohydrates and fats. However, the one that we are ignorant towards unconsciously is Vitamins, majorly because we are not aware of its types and requirement. Certain Vitamins are indispensable towards maintaining a healthy nutritious body. Learn more about the type of Vitamins and their importance.

In this article, we will be discussing one of these, namely Vitamin K 2-7

How does Vitamin K-2 help us?

Vitamin K 2 is a miraculous vitamin, which has been very recently discovered. We have known about the clotting benefits of Vitamin K 1 but K 2 is a completely different part of Vitamin K Complex Vitamin K 2 helps in the transportation of the calcium from the undesirably affected region to the appropriate spot (see diet that are rich in vitamins).

So in the most simple terms, the blockage in the arteries, placing in the teeth, arthritis, cataracts or other soft tissues are all the net results of the deficiency of this Vitamin because of the calcium accumulation over long periods. The consequence of all these medical conditions leads to high blood pressure or stroke (source of vitamins for veggen).

The two major subtypes of Vitamin K 2 is M 4 and M 7:

Vitamin K 2-4 is acquired from grass-fed animal products. Whereas Vitamin K 2-7 is acquired from fermented foods such as soy. Now, we all have been told to avoid saturated animal products that increase the cholesterol, when in fact it is the source of the Vitamin, which helps to clean out the calcium plaque, and aids the cardiovascular system and bone health.

Out of M-4 and M-7, M 7 is the better subgroup even though the function of both is same because the half-life of M 7 K 2 is much longer than that of K 4, which means the Vitamin K 2 M 7 would lose its strength over a longer period compared to Vitamin K 2 M 4.

It May Help Improve Bone Health and Lower the Risk of Osteoporosis

Vitamin K 2 carries the calcium from the affected regions to add it to the bone density thereby strengthening it further. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium from the foods but research has proven that it does not instruct where the calcium should be deposited or how it should be distributed in the body, so any amount of excess calcium that is absorbed or produced leads to its deposition in the arteries, which is medically known as arterial calcification. Hence the role of K2 vitamin is to direct the absorbed calcium to the right places.

It helps to improve the dental condition

This is the same effect as above where the lack of calcium leads to deterioration of teeth and hence becomes prone to sensitivity with time. With an improved intake of K 2 vitamin, the nutritional balance would help eradicate the calcium from inadequate places to the desired ones.

It may prevent wrinkles and De-accelerate aging

It has been found that elastin (the component that provides elasticity and firmness to the skin) is fossilized due to the lack of Vitamin K 2 activated matrix-GLA protein. Vitamin K2 could help maintain youthful skin activating Matrix-GLA and in turn preventing calcification of elastin.

It also helps in blood sugar regulation

Another protein dependent on Vitamin K, osteocalcin, helps the body to use insulin. Activated proteins may increase insulin sensitivity, the core problem in type-II diabetes.

Dietician is Tips-:


The supplements of Vitamin K 2 are available in the pharmacy and can be taken according to the prescription of your body requirements, but it is always advisable to absorb the nutrients through the foods in their natural forms for greater effect.

Food that is rich in Vitamin K 2

Animal products that come from animals that were pasteurized

Four eggs from caged hens will not provide enough Vitamin K 2 for your daily requirement, whereas two eggs a day from pasture-raised hens can provide adequate K 2.

Fermented foods also provide a different form of vitamin K2

  • Green leafy vegetables such as-
  • Kale
  • Dried Basil
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage

Consumption of Trans fats blocks the action of K2

For best absorption of Vitamin K 2, diet should be low on polyunsaturated fats so the better options for fats are butter and other animal fats, tropical oils, olive oil and avocado oil instead of soybean oil, canola oil, the regular varieties of sunflower and safflower oil, grape seed oil, and most other oils derived from nuts and seeds which are much less helpful for K 2 absorption.


Looking at all the above facts about Vitamin K 2. I wonder how this powerful vitamin cannot have been identified as crucial in all these years. Starting today make it part of your diet and make a conscious effort to consume it. Because health should be your priority!

Note: The writer of this blog  Devina Bangotra is an esteemed  Dietician/Nutritionist based in Delhi practicing from Rohini ( North Delhi) since past 10 years.

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