Why do we need to have proper diet plan at old age?

Best health diets for the elderly in the family

As our body wanes towards aging, several metabolic changes and limitations house it. The machinery becomes susceptible to corrosion decay and death. Loss of immunity along with essential salts and vitamins from the body paves a path for chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and several cardiac disorders. So, in order to balance and maintain the proper functioning of the vital systems, we need to follow a stipulated diet plan at old age.

As we age, we no more feel the same energy and enthusiasm. The joints and muscles become fatigued compelling us to sit and rest. The dynamism and energy are lost with a reduction in metabolic rate. Due to low metabolism body cannot burn calories which further increase the body weight and sometimes if not checked leads to obesity. Obesity being the root cause of chronic diseases may even lead to cardiac disorders. Under such conditions, it is advisable to stay on low sodium and high fiber diet. Doctors and dieticians advice for low salt intake for high blood pressure but at the same time, the high amount of vegetables and fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds, along with whole grain oats and bran is added to the diet. If you face the problem for fiber intake then psyllium husk ( Metamucil ) is administered. People with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol should avoid calories. Gradually the body loses its a sense of taste and smell, so even the food cravings or appetite decreases. We even feel less thirsty. But at this juncture, 8 ounces of water is mandatory to remain hydrated. Fruit juices, soups, and stews can even restore the water requirements.

When you are having some medications, you may be asked to avoid certain foodstuffs. This may lead to loss of several vital nutrients and elements like calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12 and B 6, etc. The digestive system changes and cannot prepare to absorb various substances like vitamin B 12 and folic acid. So food supplement with the doctors prescription has to be administered. Ensure that the supplements do not produce any side effects. You should always remain concerned about your bone health. The calcium loss from bone called demineralization occurs leading to osteoporosis. The bone loses it’s strength and becomes fragile. In such condition, low – fat dairy products can help as a source of calcium. However, a calcium supplement may also be required.

A nutritious diet rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, and water is essential for stabilizing the body with advancing age. Food high in calorie and low in nutrients like fried foods and processed sugar and beverages need to get eliminated from the diet. Your plate should have ½ fruits and ½ vegetables along with whole grains and low sodium diet can help you stay healthy. Always try to eat less and enjoy your meal. If you increase your appetite there remains a high risk of obesity and chronic cardiac diseases. Saturated and trans fats and salts should be replaced by high protein and low-fat dairy products. If you feel a strong emotion to meat, then you can even include a less of them in your diet, Probably 6 ounces or less. Vegetable oil of 2 teaspoons a day can be a minor too. The major portion of the grain requirements should be obtained from whole grains. The whole grains are a rich source of fibers and they help not only to release constipation but also guards the heart. Brown rice, cereals can be replaced in place of white bread and refined grains. Remember to pack your diet with high protein. Fish, egg with yolk beans and nuts can be a major source .you can even depend on healthy fats that include seeds like nuts, avocados, fatty fish and vegetable oil. You can add non – caffeinated beverages like green tea or some herbal tea for stimulation. Fruits like cucumbers and melons can even thrive the water requirements.

However, it becomes difficult to stick to a diet plan when you are a foodie. But small and gradual changes every day can take you closer to your goal. It is important to get in touch with a Dietitian/Nutritionist best in Delhi to get a customized diet plan as per your likes and dislikes. Being  perturbed in the least accept your aging with happiness, keep no grievances you are sure to live long


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