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Why DASH Diet is the Best Diet?


Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? In my previous article on hypertension, I mentioned the DASH diet. We could not have a big discussion on it. Therefore, I don’t want to leave you all in curiosity. So Today’s topic is the DASH diet. As you, all know DASH diet is Dietary Approaches to solve Hyper Tension (why hypertension is silent killer). It reduces the risk of depression in addition to lowering blood pressure. Let me tell you something interesting, It has been ranked as 8th best diet according to US News & World. Originally, it was designed for lowering blood pressure but it proved to be effective for weight loss. It also helps in lowering cholesterol, managing or preventing diabetes. One thing I want you to make the habit of, asking why? So today your question should be why it is the 8th best diet in the world?

Reasons for the DASH diet being the best

  • DASH diet is the 8th best diet as it has proven to improve health, has a balanced healthy food group and it actually works. It lowers the risk of several types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney stones etc.
  • It is a well-planned diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts, low- fat and non-fat dairy, lean meat, fish and poultry.
  • You get filled up with tasty and delicious fruits and vegetables, with protein-rich food to resist your hunger.
  • This plan is easy to follow.

Detailed Description of DASH

  • It is a flexible and balanced diet rich eating plan that helps to create a heart-healthy eating lifestyle.
  • It requires no special food.
  • It just requires you to achieve your daily nutritional goals.
  • Limiting sugary beverages
  • Limiting food i.e. high in saturated fats such as fatty meats, full-fat dairy products, and tropical oils.
  • Choose food that is low in saturated fat, rich in potassium, calcium, and fiber, lower in sodium.

History of DASH Diet

The diet was designed when researchers noticed so many people having the problem of hypertension. It was noticed that the problem was less in people consuming a plant-based diet. Researchers decided to design a diet plan with a liberal amount of nutrients that can save people from high blood pressure and its consequences. Outcome produced is the world’s 8th best diet “DASH diet”. One of the main reason that people would be benefitted by it is the reduced salt intake in this diet. Lower salt means people eat no more than 1500 mg of sodium.

DASH diet and Blood Pressure

People who read my previous blog already know it but for those who didn’t, it is a force that occurs on blood vessels and organs on the passage of blood. It is of two types:-

  • Systolic Pressure: – Pressure occurring in your blood vessels because of a heartbeat.
  • Diastolic Pressure: – Pressure occurring in blood vessels between heartbeats when the heart is at rest.

Normal Systolic Pressure is 120 mm Hg and Normal Diastolic Pressure is 80 mm Hg. Dash diet intake showed highly impressive results in people having high blood pressure decreasing it to 11 points and for a normal one, it got decreased to 3 points. So summarizing, I can say that it is a do follow for people with higher blood pressure. It effectively lowers blood pressure.

DASH diet and Weight Loss

People having high blood pressure are advised to lose weight too. So is it effective in that? It is said that more you weigh, more you are stressed about it. People in the Dash diet are told to take fewer calorie than they were taking. It means they have controlled calorie. DASH diet cuts off fat, sugar and its autonomous output is reduced weight and calorie. So eating fewer calories because of the DASH diet helps in Weight Loss.

Other benefits

  • Decrease risk of Cancer: – Already mentioned it but do you know which cancers? It reduces breast and colorectal cancer (best diet for cancer).
  • Lowers Metabolism Syndrome Risk: – DASH diet reduces your risk of developing metabolic syndrome by 81%.
  • Reduces Diabetes Risk:-Following DASH diet is linked to lowering risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Decrease Heart Disease Risk: – Following it, Your Heart disease risk is lowered up to 20% and stroke risk is lowered up to 29%.

Is DASH diet is workable for everyone?

You should always ask this question; is this diet plan workable for me? According to our Dieticians, It reduces Salt intake, which of course benefits people with High Blood Pressure but is not much beneficial for people with normal blood pressure. Eating too little salt can result in heart disease, insulin resistance, and fluid retention. You should lower your salt intake as It is observed that people eat food rich in salt but don’t cut-it-off from the diet. Eat 5-6 grams salt a day.

What to eat on the DASH diet?

  • Whole Grains (6-8 servings a day) for e.g. 1 brown bread, 1 whole grain cereal, ½ cup cooked brown rice.
  • Veggies (4-5 servings a day) for e.g. 1 cup of leafy veggies like spinach,1/2 cup cooked veggie like broccoli, carrot or tomatoes, ½ cup vegetable juice.
  • Fruits () for e.g. 1 medium fruit, ½ cup fresh fruit, ½ cup fruit juice.
  • Dairy Products (2-3 servings a day) for e.g. ½-cup yogurt, toned milk.
  • Lean Chicken (6 or fewer servings) for e.g. 1 egg, 1 ounce of cooked chicken.
  • Nuts, seeds, and legumes: – for e.g. 1/3 cup nuts, 2 tsp of nut butter, ½ cup of cooked legumes.

Forgetting a detailed customized DASH diet plan, contact us. Stay tuned for more healthy tips. Till then remain happy and healthy.

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