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Which is best for health; Cold Pressed Oil, Extra Virgin Oils Or Refined Oil

What Should We Choose: Cold Pressed Oil, Extra Virgin Oils Or Refined Oil

What is food without the use of oil? The usage of oil is unprecedented. Yet, we know that we need to opt for healthier lifestyles and watch we eat. The question remains as to what category of oil should be chosen when there is a wide range of options available.

Here we discuss cold pressed oil, extra virgin oils, refined oils, and their relative importance for consumption.

Cold Pressed Oil

As the name suggests, refers to obtaining oils through the method of cold pressing fruits and seeds with a modern steel press. In addition, the temperature is not raised above a particular point. Therefore, cold pressed oils do not waver from their natural aroma, nutrients, and flavor. Due to the intricate extraction process but nearly original components, these oils are expensive in the market. However, these oils are skin friendly and rich in nutrients.

Extra Virgin Oils

These are specialized components of the olive oil and its manufacturing. First pressing leads to the extraction of these extra virgin olive oils. If we move on to the second pressing, it is called a virgin oil. However, it is easily understood that the benefits of these extra virgin oils are common to the various health benefits of olive oils we must have heard numerous times.

Refined oils

These are another important category of oils which involve extraction by subjecting the original resource to chemicals or high temperatures. Due to their conventional and easier methods of extraction, these oils are the most easily available and cheaper to buy. Refined oils have lower intrinsic properties left because they have been fondled with to a much greater extent.

The benefits of these oils vary due to their variable properties.

Cold pressed technique stays at the top in respect to the quality, the highest amount of nutrients and healthy fats with the risk of heart diseases and stroke minimized. These oils contain a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids which are better for a healthy heart. It is even said to affect cases of high blood pressure positively. Moreover, these oils show antibacterial action. Thus, they are the most preferred out of all these.

Then comes the usage of olive oils which helps in reducing causes towards cancer, heart diseases, stress and other problems related to cardiovascular health. However, there many arguments on the fact that olive oils make a bad diet even worse. To use olive oils and get their proper benefits, one must incorporate a healthy diet in the overall sense. Because no matter what, oil is an oil and is full of more than sufficient amount of calories though lower than it’s more used counterparts.

The least authentic oil of all these is the refined oil. Most of us use refined oils on a daily basis and its huge consumption market is due to its affordability however few of us keep in mind the fact that usage of these oils is more troublesome than it seems. Refined oils are least natural in their components because they are purified to remove components, which may be harmful to the usual consumption. Due to heavy processing and refining, these oils become increasingly complex for the human body to handle. This may disrupt the digestive systems when taken in more than moderate amounts.

With an increase in oil studies, many expert people have claimed that cold pressed or wood pressed oils are better than normal refined cooking oils. With changes in the patterns of lifestyle, naturally, the pattern of consumption has to change otherwise the balance is disrupted. Therefore according to Indian conditions which are dynamic in nature and new ideas taking over the traditional consumption patterns in cases where it is better, cold pressed oils should be the most preferred option.

The only problem stays with the demand of these oils because these oils are expensive, unlike the usually refined oils. Therefore, if people are not as health conscious as they should be the chance of risks increases because lower prices tend to affect more.  Thus, the best oils for Indian cooking have to be cold pressed oils like coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, and groundnut oil. These oils are rich in antioxidants and contain no chemicals or added preservatives. Even more so, the natural flavor and odor are retained, enriching the experience of the favorite Indian recipes.

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