Best exercise on dieting

Which Exercise is Best, When You are on Diet?

Cardio, Weight Lifting, Zumba, Running, Yoga, Tabata And Crossfit

Which One Among Is The Best When On A Diet?

Today, all of us have become conscious of our lifestyle and fitness and there are so many options available to do so that it actually leads to so much confusion about the right choice. Diet and exercise cannot work on body fitness individually; a combination of both is successful.

This article discusses the effects and effectiveness of the various forms of body fitness routines and helps you choose the best one for yourself.


Cardio involves high-intensity aerobic exercises and as the name suggests it directly and positively affects heart health. It involves channeling more and more oxygen to enter into the bloodstream and make the body healthier and more active than ever. It helps in boosting metabolism by putting the body through high-energy states. Different examples of cardio workouts include walking and running, two of the most effective ways of losing all the extra weight while being fun. It stays at the top for being the most recommended and tried workout routine in every part of the world. See how heart disease can be prevented through diet.

Running on a regular basis is one of the best ways to shed those extra pounds. It can be effectively tracked with the help of various devices and it works most wonderfully y watching the number of calories consumed but it does not need a very strict diet program.

Weight Lifting

For losing fat and gaining muscle in lieu of the shredded pounds, weightlifting is effective only when complemented with a strict diet. This routine helps you to develop lean muscle mass across the body. A strength training helps burn calories and fats and replace it with muscle mass (Can Fat Burner really helps you to burn your fat?. However, it will also make you gain weight since muscles are heavier than fat. A cardio workout, therefore, burns more calories than a weight-training workout. Cardio makes the heart active but to get the best results it should be complemented with weight training, which replaces muscles with fat effectively. Moreover, weights should be followed by cardio to get the maximum positive results of cardio. Weights will help you lose weight without giving the skinny fat look.


Zumba is also a good aerobic activity to lose weight since it leads to a healthy weight loss. Generally, it is seen that the faster one loses weight, the more problematic it is because it leads to muscle mass loss instead of the stubborn fat in your body. However, Zumba works for overall weight loss and initiates metabolism quickly. It even promotes flexibility in the body while toning and emphasizing strength in the body. It even includes some weights so it fulfills the purpose of cardio plus weight training. Moreover, it is even more fun because it is much like a high-intensity dance form. It can be a good alternative to the gym if the diet is kept in check.


This dance form is gaining prominence nowadays due to its much-applauded effectiveness. It is a performance involving short interval rounds of high intensity; most importantly, it gives you the benefits of an aerobic workout involved with strengths. For busier lives, Tabata is effective due to its very famous 4-minute duration style. It is a bit tougher because it involves strength workout and use of nearly all muscles with difficult exercises in different sets. It is a form of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Unlike other cardio activities, it effectively leads to the addition of significant muscle mass to replace the lost fat.


CrossFit is one of the most intense workout regimens. It involves a very detailed focus on muscles that have been lying unmoved since years; initially it is difficult to catch up with it. It focuses on the real strength of the body while giving the body a nearly ripped look. Moreover, it is a highly systematic routine since it goes according to a properly chalked out plan. It is highly intensive to do CrossFit and takes time to adjust your body to the final excessive workout routines.


Out of all these stands apart Yoga. Yoga is more of a spiritual and physical routine and it works on your core systems. Yoga experts believe that it is a routine, which starts from within the body, and the perception is that the body can heal itself by stretching and meditation techniques. It is a very calm exercise regimen and can be tried by people of any age group, there is something for everyone. However, for quick results in the body and drastic weight loss, it will be rather slow to start with Yoga because it takes a rather a long approach towards the overall healing of the body. See the best indian food for weight loss.

So, What to do…?

So many options and you still cannot decide what to do, right? Additionally you need to remember certain things before making your diet plan.

Actually, it all depends on your goal.

If you wish to increase stamina for physical purposes, cardio formats like running, skipping rope and Zumba are best whereas for a really intense ripped body image strength exercises like CrossFit shall help. To manage fun and time together, some quick HIIT routines like Tabata are helpful. Just remember, any routine workout that helps you lose weight quickly will make you gain weight quickly too. So, all the strength plus cardio training need a lot of focus and dedication. While a more relaxed and a long term routine, Yoga fits best. It leads to inner healing, most importantly.

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