What should be in your Gym Diet Plan?


A successful workout is never solely achieved through simply following the gym schedule but it needs to be supplemented with a proper diet. The food which you eat before and after the workout actually helps in muscle-building and repairing of the body.

Let us learn ways through which you can best manage your diet with the gym schedule.


It is recommended to have breakfast one hour prior to the workout. Generally, a light breakfast or sports drink is recommended.  The breakfast should include the following:

  • Enough carbohydrates should be present in the diet. These carbohydrate requirements can be met through food products like apple, banana, toast, corn flakes, idlis, etc. Actually, these foods provide much-needed energy and are easy to digest as well.
  • Essential macronutrients like proteins should be added to the diet chart. These proteins are the one which is handed with the task of repairing and building new muscle cells in the body.
  • Healthy fats are another essential ingredient of breakfast. These fats increase the metabolism rate in the body. Not simply this, they increase the level of testosterone in the body which is the hormone burdened with the responsibility of building muscles in the body. Food products like olives, walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, etc., are some of the best sources of healthy fats.

This healthy breakfast can even be in the form of whole grain cereals, bread, low-fat milk, juice, yogurt, pancake, banana, sports drink, etc.


Drinking enough fluid is very important to prevent dehydration. Various sports drinks are also helpful as they provide the body with much-needed carbohydrates. In fact, the requirement of the drink varies according to the duration and intensity of the workout. The drink should not only be taken before a workout, but it should be taken after a workout to compensate the salt lost during sweating.


There are many artificial supplements in the market. But, it is better to switch to home-made supplements like the blend of curd, banana, and apple. This supplement is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. Hence, it helps in muscle-building and bodybuilding. Let us know some more supplements:

  • Vitamin D– your body needs that sufficient amount of Vitamin D. This demand is generally met when you are in the sunlight. But, if you are in the habit of working indoors, then probably you should try for some supplements rich in Vitamin D. if taken early in the morning, then it will work for the whole day. So, you can easily take out time for it even in the busy schedule.
  • Fish oil– Fish oil is one of the most demanding supplements. Its high demand can be attributed to its multiple functions like improving cardiovascular health, fat loss, brain function, etc. even if one is busy in the gym, taking it in required amount will relax the individual from a hectic schedule.
  • Green powder Many a time’s people are so engrossed in their gym schedule that they are not able to take out enough time to have nutritious vegetables. So, having green powder seems to be a viable option. These green powders are made of concentrated fruits and vegetables and hence rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, assorted photo nutrients, etc.
  • Protein bars– Similar is the case with proteins. Often, people find it very difficult to take out time for having protein-rich foods. In that case, protein bars come into the picture. These bars supply the food with much-needed proteins even if you are too busy following your gym schedule.


It is very important to avoid liquid calories like soda, alcohol, coffee, etc. so as to maintain good health during workouts.


It is recommended by nutritionists and dietitians all over the globe that eating post workout is very important for proper muscle gain. In common parlance, this is referred to as the recovery meal post workout. Actually, the nutrients available in the body are generally used during workouts, so it is very important to gain them after the workout is done. Let us discuss the various foods which can be added to the diet:

  • Humus and Tuna Sandwich– Tuna is rich in proteins and hummus is rich in fiber. They make a perfect diet when it comes to good eating options.
  • Eggs– Eggs are very essential for muscle growth. They even supplement the body with proteins. So, their consumption becomes all the more important.
  • Avocado– Avocados are rich in Vitamin B. so, their intake is encouraged.
  • Whey protein The consumption of whey protein is linked to an insulin spike, the process in which muscles absorb glucose. That is the reason they are preferred.
  • Dry fruits– Dry fruits are rich in a number of nutrients. So, they can be immediately taken post workout.

Apart from all these methods, it is very important to follow a proper routine and find out time for yourself in the busy schedule. If you are not able to do this, then all the calories lost at the gym will go in vain.



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