What is the importance of optimum nutrition for health?

Importance of Good Nutrition for Health

Food, which affects our daily life by its nutrition, has a prominent effect on our body. For a healthy life nutrient, rich food is highly required. Combining our daily life which includes both mental and physical activities demands a healthy nutritious diet to keep away from chronic diseases and promote healthy living.  What is good nutrition? This means a wholesome of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs for proper functioning.

Keeps  you disease free

A good diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables that could serve to your fiber requirements along with whole grains like cereals and bread complete the platter. The non-vegetarian meal may include lean meat that is poultry as they have less fat and fewer calories. Low fat or fat-free milk can add to bone strength. We all are familiar with the advantages of a good healthy nutritious diet but apart from just managing weight, it maintains other functions like reducing the risk of heart diseases, osteoporosis, cancers, and diabetes.

Boost immune system

It even prevents the risk of high blood pressure and manages cholesterol levels. It improves the immune system and enhances the ability to recover. Boosts up energy and enthusiasm. Apart from the physical health it even manipulated mental health. Good food with fruits and vegetables creates a feeling of well-being and this creates an active positive aura keeping good mental health. It has been reported that a healthy diet can prevent 72 billion obesity and other preventable diseases per year. A dose of a good amount of vitamins and minerals with low fat will help support the immune system.

Provide vitamins and minerals

Fruits like tomatoes and berries that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins are considered good for the skin. The vitamin C and antioxidants together act on building new cells and collagen, causing slow premature aging. It reduces the risk of developing chronic medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, kidney failure, blindness and non-traumatic lower – extremity amputation. If you are high in diets with fats and cholesterol this can damage the brain cells and vessels causing brain strokes.

Decrease lifestyle disorders

Eating enough fruits and vegetables keeps the brain stable and maintains concentration and focus. As your body functioning goes on track, stress, and hypertension are released, you are probably to live long. The life expectancy gets highly influenced by the diets. A diet with no processed food and high in nutrients create a positive effect on life expectancy.

Boost metabolism

The metabolism of the body strengthens utilizing every chunk of food. A good nutritious diet even affects your mood. The diets low in carbs creates a feeling of over thinking and tension, whereas a diet with more of carbs has a more enhancing effect on mood. A diet high in protein, moderate in carbs and low in fat is always recommended by the dietitian for a healthy disease free body.

Keeps the brain healthy

Sometimes our moods oscillate between a sudden sadness and depression from a jolly happy mood, this is probably due to the pouch of cheeseburger and fries you had. Processed foods are the ones responsible for starting from oral health to the metabolism of good nutrition is the key. Fats are equally required in the diet for assisting organs to secrete hormones acting as a coenzyme, reduces inflammation and help the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Provides fiber for the gut function

The fibers are the boon to the beneficial gut bacteria. Overall 1-7 liters of water are required for the human body to avoid dehydration. The micronutrients like sodium and potassium act as the Essential elements for various cell-mediated and extracellular activities.

Good health in the present scenario is Boon. It becomes difficult to adhere to all the norms to follow a good diet plan. But we can, however, include small changes to our diet every day this will keep the willpower persistent and make a considerable change. This not only keeps our physical health steady but boosts up mental health too. If good nutrition in accompanied by exercise or yoga it adds extra marks to the results.

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