Weight loss vs Fat Loss

What is more important Weight-loss or Fat loss?

What is Important Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

Worried for your looks? Sweating for your perfect waistline? Well, but have you figured out what exactly are you working for, are you losing fat or losing weight? Explore on the best indian food for weight loss.

These two terms are often used interchangeably and are worked for too. In this fast-paced lifestyle and bragging way of living, people are expending huge money and time on their looks and their fitness, going to the gym and dieting their bones out. It indeed is necessary to stay fit and healthy and so there must not be excess fat stored in your body. Excess fat can lead to numerous ailments and will restrain your possibilities so it’s necessary to exercise daily.

Weight loss or fat loss, what is the difference?

The thing that is often overlooked is that body weight is made up of the weight of bones, muscles, water, and bowel and yes the fat, while the fat weight is, by heaven’s sake just fat weight. Two people may seem different in size and one’s belly could be bulgier than the other is but still weigh same, now what could that mean. It simply indicates that you need to prevent yourself from judging your fitness and fat mass by your weight. See if Fat Burners can really help you to get rid of your fat? read the health benefits of omega fatty acids.

When people start dieting, their body weight decreases significantly because they end up losing carbohydrates which are held with water molecules and so they have less water and carbohydrates in their body (read why some ‘fats’ are important for weight management). If your body weight is, normal and you feel lively then there is no need for sweating in the gym to reduce your body weight instead work to reduce your excess stored fat which is your real foe. To measure fat content in your body you need to have a fat caliper and never rely on BMI value, as it does not take fat into account, it uses your weight readings.

What to do?

Strength building exercises will help you lose fat and build your muscles. You may not seem to lose weight on the scale readings but you will definitely be able to see the results. This kind of exercises help you lose fat and gain muscles and this is the reason your weight does not change remarkably. Coming to the dieting practices, your body is an engine and it needs its fuel. Bad fuel as fatty and sugary food can hinder your engine performance and hence reduce its life. Take good food, such as greens and fibers in your diet, go for good bacteria and stay at little distance from carb bombshells like potatoes, rice, and white sugar and you my friend are good to go.
Make a point to check your diet and your exercise practices so that you do not end up losing muscle mass and turning weak. Follow these guidelines to check your health-

  • Drink A LOT OF WATER, yes a lot. It not only keeps you hydrated but it also is a great remedy to stay away from small ailments. It is like having your inner body a washed every day and so it remains healthy and free of diseases.
  • Graze on greens like cattle. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and iron. They are all the good stuff packed in one and better than any of your capsuled vitamin supplements.
  • Make sure to include protein in your diet about 1 gm per pound of your body weight. Food like fish, lentils, milk etc. is rich in protein.
  • It is important to make note that your muscles are not self-maintaining like your excess fat did, always stayed there in your body to make you feel miserable. Muscles need maintenance and so it is necessary for you to sweat daily to help them build and stay hindering bad cholesterol and fat accumulation. Reduce belly-fat by doing these exercise at home
  • NEVER compare. You are a different being proven you all have different DNAs and so stop being judgmental based on your weight. Most important of all is to stay fit and healthy and so should be the motto of waking up a little earlier in the morning.
    Now that you are clear on one of the world’s biggest misconception, let us go and lose some weight, oh wait for its FAT 😉

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