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What Are CLAs? How Do They Help In Reducing Weight?


About CLAs

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an isomer of linoleic acid, which is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid found in many vegetable oils. CLAs are discovered naturally in eggs, milk fat, beef, and meat. Kangaroo meat has the highest concentration of CLAs. It can also be produced synthetically by exposing plant oils that are rich in linoleic acid like soybean oil to a base and heat.

CLA is basically one of the most preferred weight loss supplements in the world, and some feel that it can have other health gains as well. CLAs have been found to be powerful in lowering the risk of colorectal cancer and strengthening body composition in people who are obese or overweight. Studies have revealed that it helps decrease body fat and increase lean body mass. Other possible uses are for bodybuilding, breast cancer, control type 2 diabetes, weight loss due to disease, decreasing food allergies, and atherosclerosis.

Some people report issues while taking CLAs, like diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and dyspepsia. There is also an issue that CLA health supplements may develop or worsen insulin resistance in highly overweight individuals, which may worsen diabetes and or set them at a greater risk of developing diabetes.CLA has been proven to protect against heart disease and several types of cancer. It also appears to improve the immune system.

Does CLA Work for Weight Loss?

Due to the contradicting evidence for its efficiency, CLA cannot presently be suggested for weight loss. If you are seeking to lose weight, make sure to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly. Moreover, it’s essential to consult a doctor before using CLA to help enhance weight loss. Self-treating a situation and avoiding or delaying standard care may have serious consequences.

CLA supplements have been shown to bring about fat loss, but the effects are small, not reliable and unlikely to make a difference in the real world.

Some nutrients are beneficial when finding in natural amounts in foods, but become dangerous when we start taking them in large doses.

It might cause side effects such as stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, headache, backache, and increased risk of bleeding. In rare cases, conjugated linoleic acid has caused liver toxicity.

  1. CLA for Weight Loss and Improved Metabolic Rate: The primary reason that CLA is so well-liked is its association to weight. It has been offered that taking CLA can help improve weight loss and decrease body fat through a series of biochemical reactions that work to increase the basal metabolic rate.

CLA is engaged in a series of metabolic reactions that control fat tissue in the body. It is believed that through increasing BMR, CLA acts to modify the body fat to muscle ratio and increase energy expenditure.

The impact of CLA on weight loss has been seen mainly among overweight persons. CLA can reduce body fat mass in obese people and may, in fact, help to keep initial reductions in weight in the long run.

The study revealed that CLA may guide to reduce body fat mass in healthy exercising persons, which may make CLA a good supplement for those who regularly exercise too.

Interestingly, alterations in body fat do not directly mean weight loss, even when body fat is reduced up to 60%. In fact, body fat loss has been seen besides increases in protein synthesis.

Instead, it feels more ideal to take CLA if your aim is more aesthetic and body fat loss is your goal along with the maintenance of lean body mass. This is definitely more obvious when consumed in combination with physical activity.

  1. Enhanced Muscle Growth: In spite of a decrease in body fat percentage, a total decrease in weight is often not noticed. This is due to CLA has been found to efficiently increase muscle to fat ratio and act to enhance the growth of lean muscle mass.
  2. Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Glucose Levels: CLA has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.
  3. Supports the Immune System: When dieting and exercising regularly, the body can turn into run-down and become more prone to illness. Even so, adding to with CLA may help to boost the immune system. In several studies, CLA has been shown to increase immune system response and may also act to protect against catabolic effects of the immune system during times of illness.

Further Studies on CLA Fat Burning

An additional benefit found is that a CLA compounded diet increased oxygen consumption and energy expenditure, leading to better fat burning capacity in the muscle tissue. This shows that CLA can possibly not only reduce body fat but then also assists in removing fatty deposits in our muscles.

Taking CLA does not ensure weight loss, however, when combined with a good diet and exercise routine, CLA may act to efficiently reduce body fat while supporting the growth of lean muscle mass.

If your training goals are centered around having lean muscle mass and losing body fat then CLA may be the supplement for you. A course of CLA should achieve the best results together with an appropriately intense training plan to eliminate unwanted fat while helping you maintain your hard gained muscle mass.



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