Weight loss tips to lose belly fat using potato


Potato is a vegetable rich in nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, potassium, etc. It is considered bad for the health of an individual. But, in some cases following a potato diet can significantly reduce the body weight of an individual. Though it seems a bit weird, it is the fact. This diet plan derives its origin from the various nutritional benefits associated with potato

Origin of Potato diet for weight loss

Potato diet claims to have originated when former Australian sportsperson Andrew Flinders Taylor adopted this diet and lost almost 50kgs. After him, it was the famous American filmmaker, comedian and actor Kevin Smith followed a potato diet for two whole weeks.

Working of Potato diet for weight loss

Potato diet is a term employed to mean a diet pattern where you eat nothing but potatoes for 3 to 5 days. No other diet can be taken during this period. The potato can be baked or boiled. A very small amount of salt is preferred. Food products like butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, etc. are to be fully avoided.  In fact, no drinks or a beverage except tea, coffee, and water is preferred. Heavy exercising is discouraged and only light walking is permitted during this period.

Although it is a general notion that the intake of potato increases weight, but this view has now been discarded by the emerging concept of potato diet. This is mainly because of the reason that potato is low in calorie content, high in fiber, sugar content, adequate in the content of protein, vitamin, minerals, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, etc.

The presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 in the body helps an individual in losing the extra belly fat stored in the body. In fact, the high fiber and water content in potato satiate the hunger and helps keep the tummy full. So, the demand for food is considerably reduced.

There is a concern raised by people all across the globe- how can the carbohydrate present in potato stimulate weight loss?

Well, the logic is clear. The potato which is consumed during the diet is cooked and cooled has resistant starch in it. This resistant starch is non-digestible. This, in turn, causes a spike in blood glucose level resulting in less production of insulin. It even leads to low appetite and reduces the storage of fat in the body. In fact, the starch in potato curbs the hunger in the stomach and fills it to the fullest.  All these factors jointly contribute to weight loss.

Precautions to be taken

Well, for the potato diet to be successful in making you lose weight, it is very important that it is consumed in proper form. The appropriate form for this purpose is boiled and baked form. It should be supplemented with only a little bit of oil. It is very important that the potato should not be deep fried as in French fries and then consumed. In fact, this form or French fries are one of the worst foods for your health. They are a breeding ground for several health issues. Besides French fries, potatoes should be avoided in oily form.

The potato diet should be strictly followed for 4-5 days for losing fat and achieving the desired weight loss goals. Nothing extra apart from the things previously mentioned should be eaten.


On a concluding remark, it will not be wrong to say that the potato diet considerably reduces fat. Not simply fat, but it is a very effective tool in losing belly fat. This is because of the nutrients a potato contains. In fact, the very consumption of the only potato for a few days helps in reducing hunger and making you full to the stomach. So, if you wish to lose weight especially belly fat, nothing can be better than this. In fact, many celebrities and famous names as previously discussed have been successful in their attempt but, with this diet chart, appropriate precautions need to be taken as described previously. If you are successful in carrying your efforts with utmost dedication, then no one can actually stop you from losing fat.

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