How to gain weight with proper diet in teenage?

What is teenage?

Teenage is a vital age for anabolism. The growth curve remains a steady developmental curve during this age as maximum growth and enhancement of body occurs at this age. But as with the influence, the food habits and diet plans have swayed their ways into malnutrition and underweight teens. The cheeseburger and French fries will obviously payback with deficiency and diseases.

An underweight teenager

Being Underweight

Being underweight means your body falls below18.5 BMI range. The reasons can be cartloads. Your body may be packing to the essential nutrients leading to malnutrition. The symptoms are not noticeable but if not taken into consideration can be fatal. The initial signs can be draining if energy and enthusiasm, getting sick often, oral and skin issues and menstrual irregularities.

If not taken care of it can advance to anemia and deficiency of Essential Vitamins. As you are low on a diet, you do not possess a good immune system, which could even be a cause of inappropriate bodybuilding. Hence, it is important to consult a dietitian for weight gain. Due to the absence of a normal BMI, it becomes difficult to pursue any surgical operations, as the body takes a longer time to heal the wounds. As your diet deficits calcium, it puts you to risk of having osteoporosis, because of low bone mineral density.


Malnutrition may also lead to infertility


Women’s if underweight is always prone to a high risk of infertility. A low BMI can increase the risk of amenorrhea or dysfunctions of the menstrual cycle. The results might worsen if you develop persistent anovulation, leading to infertility. Sometimes underweight women face problems in conceiving and are advised by the doctor to gain a standard weight to convince. Even the proper development of essential organs and systems requires a good BMI.


You can make a few tweaks to your diet and lifestyle to gain weight and health. Dine to more frequent diets than having a wholesome meal at a time. This will trigger your growth. Make sure you add some snacks more often. Maintain a nutrient-balance to whole grains, fruits, dairy, seeds, and legumes. Have some lean protein to repaint and restrain your body.

Increase calorie intake

The main factor is to increase your calorie intake. Cheese, nuts seeds and toppings can add to your calories. Make sure you add the healthy ones. Frequent to fluids like smoothies and avoid coffee and beverages like soda. If you feel you get low food cravings due to drinks then have less drink but after 30 minutes of having your food. Keep a goal to 3 meals and 3 snacks daily .you can have some really palatable butter spreads on your muffins or trans-fat-free margarine.

Chicken is a good source of protein


Increase protein

Use whole dairy products like yogurt, whole milk, and cheese added to your cornflakes. Use olive oils and other heart-healthy oils for cooking. Adding almonds and cashews will add to the treat. Try to increase the overall volume of food by monitoring the quantity you consume per meal. First, apply the increase to breakfast. After a few days when the breakfast portion increase then focuses on lunch and dinner. Do not force yourself on a gulp at a time. Make sure you do not gain more than 1-2 pounds a week. Keep a regular eye on the meal and your respective weight gain.

Also, read vegetarian sources of protein

Nut Butter

Nuts and oil

If you are a vegetarian you are probably to scarcities on calories. A bunch of nuts like cashews and avocados will go good. Be high with fruits and vegetables to have your calories maintained. There are a bunch of exercises to add muscle to your body. Have a vitamin D supplement to replenish your body to calcium and reduce the chance of having low bone density. It becomes very difficult to gain weight in cases if an autoimmune or genetic disorder. But a healthy and promising diet will chalk the problem out. A determination and strong body consciousness are required to have your diet on mode.


One size does not fit all. There could be therapeutic or clinical reasons for being underweight. It is important to get yourself checked and consult a dietitian to help you with the weight gain diet. To consult for a weight gain diet click here http://register.dieticianforhealth.com

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