Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 and its Deficiency

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? I hope you read our blog in which I listed all the vitamins and their functions. We also discuss their relationship to weight loss. Today we are going to talk about Vitamin B-12 in particular. Why only Vitamin B-12. It is due to a fact I read today, that 80% of Indians are deficient of Vitamin B-12. So here we are, today we will discuss it all about Vitamin B-12. I hope that DieticianForHealth makes the proportion less. For that, you just need to read our blog and if you think you have this problem. Book a free consultation and we will help you out. Firstly, let us talk about what is Vitamin B-12?  Then I will tell you Why Indians are deficient of it?

What is Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin like all other Vitamin B. This means it is dissolvable in water and can flow through your bloodstream. One interesting fact is that you can store it in your body for up to 4 years. It is a large and complex-structured vitamin. Excess of it is excreted as urine.

Facts about Vitamin B-12

  • It is important for brain functioning.
  • It can lead to neurological difficulties and anemia.
  • People above 14 years of age should consume 2.4 mcg of it daily.
  • It is available in meats.

Why Vitamin B-12 is essential?

Vitamin B-12 is essential for nerve tissue, brain function and producing RBCs. You require vitamin B-12 for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Even the cell metabolism is dependent on it. It plays a role in the synthesis of fatty acids and energy production. It helps your body to absorb folic acid and you can easily release energy due to it. Production of RBCs decreases if you are deficient of it. Though your body produces millions of RBCs, without Vitamin B-12, they cannot multiply.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency symptoms

  • Sore mouth or tongue
  • Weight Loss
  • Yellow skin
  • Menstrual problems
  • One symptom is depression, confusion, memory problem and tiredness
  • Other symptoms are constipation, loss of appetite
  • Infants show reflex problems, irritations and growth problems

If you have this deficiency, you can suffer from permanent brain damage.

Amount of Vitamin B-12 required

As said earlier too people above 14 years of age should consume 2.4 mcg of it daily. Pregnant Women should consume 2.6 mcg of it. Lactating women should have 2.8 mcg of it. Excessive intake of it does nothing harmful. However, taking supplements is something, which we do not recommend. Read more on vitamins rich and benefits.

Why We Indians are deficient of Vitamin B-12?

  • Most of the Indians are vegetarians or chicken eaters. We prefer to eat meatless. So because of the exclusion of animal-sourced food products from our diet, we suffer from this deficiency more.
  • Birth rate here is more. It means we have more pregnant women and if Ladies you are pregnant as well as vegetarian, it gets worse.
  • People here suffer from small intestine problems, which restrict absorption of Vitamin B-12.
  • More amounts of people have gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease, which may lead to this deficiency.
  • Youngsters eat a lot of junk food and yes, it will cause a deficiency of Vitamin B-12. Healthy bacteria are required to synthesize it so an overgrowth of bad bacteria will increase this deficiency. Junk food promotes bad bacteria a lot so try to avoid eating it.
  • More people here are suffering from diabetes. Medication of diabetes also leads to its deficiency. PCOD medications also cause this deficiency.
  • People who drink alcohol on a regular basis are more likely to suffer this deficiency.

If any of the above-mentioned points are valid for you. Consult us now!

Recommendation of Dieticians

Our dieticians recommend that people should have more animal rich products. People who are vegetarian can include dairy products in their diet. List of food containing Vitamin B-12 are-

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Ham
  • Poultry
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Dairy Products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Nutrient-rich Yeast Products
  • Eggs
  • Some type of soya milk and Breakfast Cereals

For a full-customized diet plan Contact us! Stay tuned for more health tips. Drop your comments to ask your queries. Remain healthy and happy.

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