Top healthy Bengali diets that focus on weight loss

Health benefits of  Bengali diets 

 Bengalis have earned a lot of recognition and fame for their lives for fish and various mesmerizing dishes of nonvegetarian preference. They have a typical foodie temperament which is well known. They have pleasures hidden in Panta Bhat that is the traditional fermented rice with water. Putting the Bengali diet into a diet plan has however been difficult, yet there are certain local recipients which can make a turnover of 1200 calories. If you have a love for Bengali cuisine it would not be as difficult to mark through the diet table. The diet plan is healthy and appetizing too.


Bengali diet is generally rich in non veg items

Protein-rich diet

Having a maternal Bengali background I am quite familiar with the health benefits of the typical traditional Bengali cuisine which contains fish in every meal almost daily. There is a famous dish called macher jeerer jhol  Which palletizes taste buds and is even health.

Usage of zeera makes it easy to digest. Jeera is highly beneficial in the treatment of gastritis is the only n major ingredient of the recipe apart from various vegetables like potatoes if you choose to add along with fish. Lau data jhol with jeera and black pepper are the sole ingredients of the dish, both of which are beneficial.

Thalkudi Patta (Leaves)

I have seen my mom prepare a chutney of thalkudi pata which goes well with rice. Its beneficial leaf chutney which is grounded to a paste and left in sun for ½ hours and then a tablespoon of mustard oil is added and served with rice. It’s light and digestible. After eating a full meal of fish potatoes and chutney you are less likely to get craving and hunger. Another dish that even treats gastritis, pipa kanchkala jeera jhol which is a jeera masala recipe with green unripened bananas and papaya.

Balanced Meal

A proper Bengali breakfast morning mid-morning snack lunch and dinner can make you lose 1200 calories. Your morning can start with rice or besan cheela with onion, tea/coffee and an apple the whole snake offers you just 325 calories. You can appetize a glass of buttermilk or sprout in the mid-morning craving hours that would probably mark 100 calories. You need to assemble your stomach for a good healthy nutritious lunch with chicken curry or Katla macher jhol and arhar dal with wheat bran chapatti without oil. If you are a vegetarian you can opt for a saag vegetable dish that is puishaker chocchori , paanch mishali torkari or data chocchori. A bengali diet can easily be translated into a keto diet plan.You would be astonished to know this just serves you 150 calories .you can probably add salad which will hardly count 40 calories.

Healthy Snacking

Since an active lifestyle helps you increase metabolism. After an adequate exercise, you can grab through something tasty and healthy too like murmura chaat or jhal Muri. Jhal means spicy, a special palatable chaat for an evening snake will serve you with 40 calories maximum. Dietitian also endorses healthy snacks.

Steamed corn and a cup of tea or coffee wouldn’t mind 40 calories too. Make sure you don’t dine to suffocation at dinner. An oil-free wheat bran chapatti and a mix vegetable curry devoid of spices will help add fewer calories to your diet. You can opt for Poha tomato rice and green salad which would serve you a handful of 100 calories as a whole. The peculiarity about the Bengali diet is that it turns every non-vegetarian foodstuff into a healthy and appetizing food mania. Dietitian like Anjali Mukerjee and Rujuta diwekar always advise to eat in balance.

Usage of Natural Ingredients

Bengali ingredients make maximal use of nature and natural self-grown vegetables and self cultured fishes. The anterior regions of Kolkata like Digha harbor a lot of businessmen who earn their living from aquaculture. Your taste buds would relish the cuisine of Chingri malai curry and punti macher bhaja. I have personally tested every traditional fish dish and it’s too mesmerizing.

But before managing your calories you should probably know your BMR (basal metabolic rate), this is known to measure the calories your body metabolizes. By knowing the rate you can calculate your requirement and according choose your diet plan. Managing weight or undergoing a weight loss is never an easy task various norms have to adhere. But a strong will can, however, make the results go successful.


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