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Top 5 Biggest Dietary Problems

Although there are a number of dietary problems which are faced in one form or the other. But, among them let us discuss the five most important dietary problems.

Five Dietary Problems

Junk Foods/Fast Foods;

It is a well-known fact that larger the intake of junk food in the body, lesser will be the consumption of essential nutrients in the body. A number of health issues have been related to junk food consumption. These include:

Memory loss and learning issues– The consumption of junk food leads to inflammation in that area of the brain which is responsible for memory and learning ability. This is the result of the chemical reaction occurring inside the body. Not only this, the ingredients used in these fast foods sometimes suppress the activity of the brain related to learning and memory.

Enhanced chances of dementia- Too much consumption of junk food increases the level of insulin in the body. High level of insulin means greater resistance to the hormone. This, in turn, may in severe cases, lead to

Loss of control on appetite– The junk foods contain a significant amount of trans fat in them. This excess consumption of trans fat sends a variety of signals to the brain leading to chaos and confusion regarding how much one has eaten or has to eat.
Unnecessary cravings for things- The consumption of junk foods enhance the blood sugar level for a temporary time and after everything back to normal, things get worse. In extreme case, it might result in unnecessary cravings for things.

The various harmful effects of these junk foods cannot be altogether reduced. So, it is better to switch to other alternatives like grilled red meat, fried potato, sweet sip etc.

Packaged Food/ Processed Food-

It is generally found that packaged foods contain some amount of preservatives. These preservatives are very harmful to the health of an individual. Not only this, the package contains label mentioning “low-fat”, “reduced fat” or “fat-free”. But, it is just a myth. Actually, these foods have been loaded with sugar and other additives to enhance the taste. This extra sugar is more harmful to the health of an individual. Let us discuss the various risks associated with the consumption of packaged food.

Cancer– The substance with which these foods are packed are generally made of plastic or laminated in glass jar containers. This might lead to prostate cancer or breast cancer because of the presence of formaldehyde.
Neurological disorders– The changes in the number of chemical compounds because of the packaging of these foods is the root cause of various neurological disorders.
Digestive issues– Packaged foods are stored and kept edible by the use of preservatives. These preservatives may cause digestion problems.
Blood pressure problem– The consumption of these packaged foods on a daily basis might lead to the problem of high blood pressure as it is contained in plastic.

The solution to the above mentioned problem lies in switching to other safer alternatives. If not possible, then minimizing its consumption.

Deficiency of Iron in Food-

This is one of the most common problems encountered in almost every country in the world. It has emerged as one of the most growing issues in the world. The deficiency of iron is connected to several ailments like:

Autism– The deficiency of iron is the major contributing factor for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is connected to learning and behavioral impairments.
Delay in the process of development– Iron deficiency causes mental retardation. This mental retardation leads to delay in growth and development of the children.
Depression– The deficiency of iron leads to abnormal dopaminergic neurotransmission which in turn depresses the dopaminergic activity of the individual. This leads to the symptoms of depression and anxiety in individuals.
Worsening the Premenstrual Syndrome– The risk of Premenstrual syndrome is inversely proportional to iron intake. The lesser the intake of iron, larger is the risk of PMS.
Complications in Pregnancy– The requirement of iron grows multifold during pregnancy. Of course, if this demand is not met out, it will result in severe complications in pregnancy. Hence, maintaining the proper diet is necessary during and after pregnancy (see how?)
Affecting the immune system– The deficiency of iron hampers some of the important functions of lymphoid organs, immune cells These, in turn, affects the immune system in a negative way.

Apart from these, there are many other problems caused due to the deficiency of iron. The solution to these problem lies in switching to those foods which are rich in iron like cashews, beans, dark green leafy vegetables etc (see the best sources for iron).

Excessive Sugar intake in Body-

The large quantity of sugar in the body is a breeding ground for many diseases like:

Weight gain or obesity– Products like the sugar-sweetened drink, sugar-coated candies are heavily loaded with fructose. Fructose increases the thirst of food in the body leading to too much of hunger. The person, in turn, eats a lot and gains weight (see the best indian food for weight loss).
Heart diseases– The high consumption of sugar is directly related to increased risk of various heart diseases.
Diabetes– Though the causes of diabetes are diverse, one of the prominent factors is a high amount of sugar. This excessive intake of sugar increases the blood sugar level leading to diabetes.
Aging– The excessive consumption of sugar in the body leads to the high formation of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), which accelerates the process of aging.

Besides this, a number of other issues exist. But, in order to find a solution to the above mentioned problem, one needs to cut down the consumption of sugar in the body.

Use of Synthetic Chemicals-

Many of the food products are added with synthetic chemicals in the form of flavorings, emulsifiers etc. These synthetic chemicals are known to cause serious issues like:

Kidney problems
Heart diseases
Liver problems
Skin issues
These various problems can only be solved if we shift from synthetic compounds to natural products. This may include resorting to organic substances for everything- be it dairy, fresh fruit, veggies etc. Not only this, but the consumption of meat, fish, processed carbohydrates needs to be minimized.


One can very well say that the domain of diet is facing a number of challenges but these can be achieved through proper resolutions. These resolutions may be in the form of some substances in and some substances out. Well, the real solution lies in how effectively one is observing the implementation part.

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