The ultimate rules of breakthrough weight loss


Every human body needs a limited amount of raw materials in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. When this amount of raw material is in excess quantity in the body, it piles up in the form of excess body fat or in extreme cases results in unexpected weight gain. But as every problem has a solution. The problem of weight gain can be solved through the help of some golden rules. These golden rules are discussed below:

Eat lots of vegetables

Eating lots of vegetables for losing weight seems to be a good idea as the vegetables are low in calories, and have a low kilojoule density. The various reasons which can be cited for the consumption of vegetables are-

  • They are a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water, and perfect medicine to handle the disease of weight gain. These nutrients improve the metabolism rate of the body and this, in turn, burns fat.
  • Vegetables contain a good amount of fiber in them. This fiber is very good to regulate blood sugar level in the body. Thus, it prevents dips and spikes in the energy level of a person.
  • Being a low-density food, vegetables help in resisting the temptation of having too much food at a time.
  • Vegetables keep a person full for longer. The fiber and water present in vegetables help the person to remain satisfied for a longer duration of time and thus it somehow restricts the more intake of food.
  • In fact, vegetables are a low-calorie food. So, in spite of eating low calorie, the person feels satisfied. So, he/she does not take resort to more unhealthy options. Ultimately he/she is bound to lose weight. And following this diet with doing a little bit of exercise will do wonders.

Some of the best vegetables for this purpose are spinach, leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, cauliflower, carrot, broccoli, chili, pumpkin, beans, asparagus, Cucumber, celery, etc.

Eat less sugar

One of the most reliable methods to lose sugar is by adapting yourself to a low sugar diet. Many dieticians and public health officials over the globe agree on this point.  The various reasons which can be cited in order to substantiate the argument are as follows:

  • Natural sugars are not a matter of concern but these days the added sugars in various food substances has become a serious issue. They contain a high amount of calories and unhealthy fat which is not good for weight loss goals.
  • The added sugars in various processed foods are a kind of added calories devoid of any nutrition. So, though the overall energy consumption is increased, the diet quality remains the same. This is sure to result in fat accumulation in the body.
  • Artificial sweeteners are a source of weight gain.
  • The excessive intake of sugar in the body is not able to maintain energy balance in the body i.e., the balance between the energy you consume and the energy you burn.
  • In fact, in the long run, when the consumption of calories is higher in comparison to the burning of calories, it is bound to result into weight gain even if the source of this calorie is very healthy food.

All these aforementioned points make it very clear that if one resorts to less consumption of sugar; it is likely to help in one’s weight loss goals. The consumption can be reduced through various ways like cutting down the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, eating fruits in place of sugary snacks and fruit juice, saying no to processed foods, etc.

Eat more whole foods

Before recommending whole foods, it is very important for all the readers to understand what whole food is. Whole foods are basically the unprocessed, unrefined foods that are found in its natural state. They contain all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. in their original form. The benefits attached to whole foods can be better understood as follows:

  • Whole foods are encouraged because they are free from added sugars, fats, sodium, and any kind of preservatives which is advised to be controlled while switching to a healthy diet and achieving the weight loss goals.
  • The intake of whole foods ultimately leads to lesser food cravings. This is because of the fact that they break down slowly and keep the blood sugar more stable resulting in lesser food cravings.
  • The consumption of whole food leads the body to be in its natural equilibrium and the temptation to overeat is to a great extent resisted.
  • Generally, whole foods digest slower in comparison to other foods. This has a positive impact on blood sugar and insulin and controls hunger.
  • In fact, it is the diet quality and not quantity that matters. In this respect, the role of whole foods comes into the picture.

Thus, it can very well be said that eating whole foods is a good option to lose weight.

Having talked about these three golden rules, it is very important for the readers to put it in their head if they actually want to lose weight. Although there are several other rules too, as said, these are the golden rules. Their significance in this respect becomes all the larger.


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