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Things to remember before making your diet plan

Hey Readers! How are you all doing?  Feeling healthier and happier? Ah! Told you made my promise that I will use this phrase in every blog. You know why? Because all I want is my readers to be healthy and happy and for that, you need to keep on reading our blogs and if you find them good enough so consultation is free, feel free to consult anytime. Before proceeding further, we should know what diet is? Of course, if we are going to follow a “diet plan”, we must know what diet is.

So Diet is total food consumed by a person, if I will be more specific it is how much nutrition we are taking. Moreover, when you want your diet to be healthy it should have complete nutrition. Again a question right, what is complete nutrition; It requires ingestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats. So when all the nutrients are in adequate amount, it’s called complete nutrition. Now what an effective diet plan is, a plan following your daily routine and having healthy and tasty recipes. Remember diet never means compromising on taste. So never ever, do that because a day will come when it will bore you and stop following it. We know what a diet plan should have right. But what is that it should not have?

Things a diet plan should never have

There is no point in making a diet plan having above-mentioned things. So summarizing an effective diet plan is something having complete nutrition, following your daily schedule, having healthy and tasty recipes and not including bland diet, rigorous workout, and pills.

Prerequisites before making a Diet Plan

  • Checking with the doctor- Always ask questions; don’t blindly follow anything on any website. Check with the doctor that you don’t have an allergy to any food or if you have any disease so what are things you should not stop eating as a diet plan should never affect your diet
  • Setting goals- Know what your objective behind making a diet plan is. Do you want to gain weight or you want to lose weight or maintain your health? Then according set some short-term goals as if I will follow this diet plan and lose 1 kg this week.
  • Setting up a diet diary/journal– You should maintain a dairy to know your food habits before your diet. So before getting started to maintain a log having your calorie intake and other details and mark your improvements in it.
  • Finding out the amount of food– You should know how much you should eat and it totally depends on how much you want to lose/gain.
  • Managing your energy balance-, It means following the method working with your lifestyle and eating style.

So Now I hope you feel like yeayy that I am all set to build a diet plan but what about your office tomorrow, maybe college how will you do so much research all by yourself?  Here comes the role of a Dietician. So let us See how a dietician can help you.

Role of Dietician

Friends you might be thinking that why a dietician when I can do it all by myself before reading this blog but after reading it, I know you have a clear understanding that it’s a tough job. The food we eat has a great impact on our health. If changes in diet help in controlling and preventing problems, they might give rise to new problems too. So if not chosen wisely it can lead to serious problems. A dietician does the following:-

  • Identifies the nutrition you are deficient of and try to include that more and more in your diet.
  • Develop diet plans and keeps on monitoring your health status.
  • Counsel, you personally whenever required and guiding you well on good nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  • If you are having any chronic health condition such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol est. you receive a special diet plan.
  • They work with raw foods to create recipes for people with special health care needs.
  • They provide you a healthy and nutritious way of living.
  • They act as a motivator for you, who always encourage you to achieve your health goals.
  • They help you form more sustainable habits.
  • They help you to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle.

So all your burden is on your dietician now, why don’t you give it a try. Read more whom to trust between dietician and nutritionist.

After reading this blog you know that you cannot follow any diet plan, you need a diet plan that is only for you and that is a customized diet plan. You have known that it is important but let me tell you at last in detail why?

The reason why you should have a customized diet plan?

  • It helps in developing healthy eating patterns- Although you think that every site must be having a healthy diet plan. Why would they write something unhealthy? But Is that according to your health condition? Do they know you? What do you like to eat? What disease you are suffering from? Which food is allergic for you? No so how can you expect that to be healthy for you? Think upon it. A dietician observes that which food have a positive and which have a negative impact on you and how you can get most out of a meal. By these observations, they limit the carvings you have and reduce your unhealthy eating each day.
  • Makes you feel good – Good food is a good feeling. You will experience a sudden increase in your energy. You will feel more active. Sleep better at night and decreased stress levels.
  • Decrease chances of chronic diseases-It’s important to learn which food contains nutrients your body needs the most helps you in reducing chances of chronic diseases.

Thanks a lot for reading this blog hope you now make your diet plan carefully by consulting a doctor and dietician so that you be healthy and happy. Will be back with a new topic until then stay tuned.

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