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For decades, scientists and doctors have been working on facilitating lives due to the diet choices we make. As important as WHAT we eat, it is important to keep track of WHEN we eat.

The major eating style is dividing the meal into three major parts namely the appetizer, the salad, and the dessert. The sequence of eating matters because every food item has a different significance and in what order we eat affects our metabolism. A good metabolism mostly keeps us healthy since it facilitates the system of bodily functions and keeps us healthier and happier. Let us now explain the parts of the standard meal for better knowledge.


The following list discusses in little detail every part of the meal and in the order in which it is placed.


An appetizer is a small type of meal and there are various options to be presented as an appetizer. Many places often switch salads with appetizers as the first meal, however, appetizers are known by the name for a reason and thus should be presented at the table before any part of the meal. Appetizers are more about taste and finger foods mostly. Quick food varieties are presented and these foods do not form a necessary part of the full course meal. Appetizers are thus presented in small quantities and can be shared by all the people at a dinner table.

  1. SALADS –

Salads are unarguably the most important parts of the meal since they prepare the body for the main course. They provide fiber to the digestive system to facilitate easy metabolism and thus lead to the proper digestion of the food items. Salads can be served anytime but they are the most effective before the main meal. Salads are diet-friendly and have their own share of healthy vitamins and minerals, depending on what quality of salad has been served. They are low in fat and calories and thus act as a perfect supplement to the following main course which can be oily or high in carbs. Also, salad intake keeps your diet in proper proportions. Eating a salad before a meal makes the salad take up most of the place in the stomach and since you’re likely very hungry you would anything presented to you initially without worrying about the taste. Thus you have limited capability to consume the main meal due to the already filled stomachs and naturally salad intake regulated your food intake. Thus, for weight loss salads always remain the best option before meals. Eating a salad during the meals is beneficial too but the order of eating salads first is the most preferred. Thus before and during a meal salad have many advantages however not all those advantages seem to apply for salads eaten after meals.


The most anticipated and sometimes the tastiest parts of the meal are Desserts. For those with a sweet tooth, desserts are a boon. Studies indicate that it is the most beneficial to eat desserts at the end when the whole meal has been eaten. Also, desserts eaten in the proper order i.e. at the end of whole meal do not prove to be bad for losing weight. The no-dessert plan is not always a great idea. All components of the meal are equally necessary and thus none of the subsidiaries should be totally neglected. To avoid any long term problems, the routine and when to eat plans are the most important to be followed. Thus, desserts prove to be the most beneficial after the full course meal and not before it because the digestive system needs roughage initially to keep the metabolism healthier. Presenting it with high sugar and fatty acids initially is not a great idea.

Actually, with food moderation is the key. Unless you already suffer from a problem no part of the full-fledged meal should be avoided. Every part of the meal has its own significance and eating all the parts at the proper time goes a long way towards the goal of a healthier and happier body.

Thus, in conclusion, a full 4-course meal is generally placed in the following order – An Appetizer, Salads, the Main Course and the Desserts.


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