Benefits of Stale Chapati

Do Not Throw Away The Stale Chapati

What Is Stale Chapati…?

Stale Chapati or more commonly known as ‘baasi roti’ is the chapati which has become stale. Basically, it means the chapatti is no longer fresh.

Benefits of Stale Chapati

Nutritionists agree on the point that since the Indian roti is made of wheat flour and water, keeping them for long has no added disadvantages as it does not retain moisture with itself. Many of us consider stale chapatis to be useless and throw them in the garbage, but a very of us are aware of its unknown benefits. Let us discuss some of its benefits in detail. These are as follows:


This is one of the most vital advantages associated with the consumption of baasi roti. In fact, the consumption of baasi roti with milk is a medicine for the treatment of diabetes. It keeps a check on the blood sugar level of patients suffering from this problem. Mixing these chapatis with milk actually lowers the blood sugar level in an individual. It can be eaten at any time during the whole day. In fact, in the summer season, baasi roti plays an important role in freezing body of an individual.

Blood Pressure Problem

Not only diabetes, but eating stale chapati with milk has another significant role to play. It checks the blood pressure level in an individual. The most suitable time for eating stale chapati is morning breakfast.

Digestive problems

Many people are faced with a number of digestive issues. These stomach related problems are in the form of acidity, gas, constipation etc. If not controlled, they, later on, grow into bigger diseases. For such patients, stale chapati is the best medicine to be taken.  In fact, these stale chapatis when mixed with cold milk and taken during the night benefits a lot. The fiber and nutrients contained in this roti facilitate the process of digestion and speeds them.

Body Temperature

Fever or high temperature is yet another problem faced by an individual. Though its remedies are many, one home remedy is stale chapati. The consumption of stale chapati with milk is known to lower down the temperature to a great extent. The addition of milk relieves the patient of discomfort. It is especially beneficial in summers.


Lack of energy has emerged as one of the most growing problems these days. This is because of the non- consumption of nutritious food. The food habits have changed a lot these days. Be it child, adults or old aged people, all have switched to unhealthy diets. It has become very difficult to change their food habits. So, it is better to adapt to a bit of out of box thing. In this context, consumption of stale chapati is very important. Adding it to the breakfast keeps one all day fresh and energetic. This is, in the long run, means a better life expectancy.

Weight loss  

Often at times, many individuals face the problem of excessive weight loss. No medicine or diet is able to turn up as a solution. In that case, the consumption of stale chapati acts as a boon. The fiber and proteins along with other nutrition present in the baasi roti helps in building body. When this happens, the excessive weight loss is put to a halt and the individual gains good health.


Youths in the modern era, have become conscious of their fitness and well being. For this fitness, they do not only join gyms and fitness training centers but are ready to change their lifestyle. In this connection, one home remedy becomes very important. This is in the form of stale chapati. Many gym centers advise people to eat this roti besides exercising and training.

Not only the above-mentioned benefits but apart from this, there are a number of other advantages associated with the consumption of stale chapati. Nevertheless, these baasi roti are more beneficial than any other food product because of the longer duration of time for which they are kept. This longer duration develops innumerable bacteria which are beneficial for making the health of an individual. Thus, one can very well say that stale chapati being so beneficial, should not be thrown away. Why waste something which is so useful and then spends bucks on artificial types of equipment.

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