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Can Sleep Deprivation cause Blood Pressure?



Sleep is love!

Let me sleep until I have time!

These are common phrases that people talk about in between the highly strict and busy schedules of modern lives. Nobody can undermine the importance of good, sound sleep. Just like dietary regulations, however, sleeping needs regulations too. If your body demands more or less than the normal 8-10 hours extension, it means there is something wrong with your body and its mechanisms. This article further discusses the link between sleep and blood pressure and an important indication of some underlying health problem or a temporary sickness.

Sleep and stress hormones are linked to each other, stress hormones further interrelated to our body’s blood pressure. Since sleep activates the stress hormone, a deficiency of sleep may increase blood pressure or worsening earlier indications of high blood pressure.

Deficiency of sleep causes adverse effects on the nervous system and affects the ability of the body to stay healthier and happier. Cortisol the stress hormone is elevated due to less sleep and thus affects the blood pressure levels of the body. Doctors recommend enough sleep patterns and help for people with high blood pressure to further minimize the aggravation of problem intensities. It is seen that sleep-related diseases induce increases in blood pressure, for example, obstructive sleep apnea. This further contributes to cardiovascular health diseases and other major problems. People usually assume hypertension is not that a big deal, however, this is a common myth that we need to debunk. Restless leg syndrome, especially during sleep is also an indication of having a direct relation with hypertension.

The amount of sleep that you get largely affect your physiological and neurological systematic functions, therefore to minimize the problem of high blood pressure it is mostly advised to reduce stress levels and get enough sleep.

Normal sleeping reduces the activity of most body parts and so is the case for the blood pressure. This fall in activity is why patients of higher BP are suggested to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day to stay efficient and active while being asleep. Both systolic and diastolic activities reduce in the heart and therefore the heart gets its deserved share of rest. If this phenomenon known as nocturnal dipping which further leads to low blood pressure is not nearly equally correlated in your body system, it indicates a worsening risk towards heart diseases. These problems lead to further chances of developing chronic conditions which worsen with age and lead to decreased resistance.

High developed cases of heart diseases lead to the common understanding that our blood pressure and hypertension activities are risky and we should indeed modify our life choices, most importantly sleep. Sleep and nocturnal activity are even much more indicative of our human bodies and doctors naturally give it much importance in detecting and regulating blood pressure problems.

Even small changes in blood pressure, which may seem insignificant to us, are demonstrations of some underlying problems which may be major and develop to be deadly if left unchecked.

Also, longer than normal duration of sleep also prove to be as deadly and indicative as fewer sleep disorders may be even insomnia.

Therefore, if you see any different symptoms like difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, insomnia related disorders then there are chances you are somewhere or the other neglecting your health. This is reported to initially and directly affect hypertension in the bloodstream. The presence of both insomnia and higher durations of sleep affects the body adversely. You should never take odd sleep patterns in a neglecting manner because they stay highly indicative of your health problems.

Learning about proper sleep and patterns helps us immensely.

Thus, we can say that the advantages of having sound proper sleep are manifold. It affects your day performance immensely and also keeps you away from any major heart and blood pressure problems as much as it can. If the heart does not work easily and pumps blood more hyperactively, you can well imagine the amount of strain it can put to our well-being. It may lead to disease, heart strokes, and attacks and congestive heart failures eventually. Thus to avoid your body becoming vulnerable to all these deadly problems, it’s better to sleep on time and wake up on time. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This age-old adage is still applicable, even so, more applicable due to the increasing stress and tensions in our lives.

Moreover, instead of stressing over this article maintain a healthy outlook and look forward to your sleeping schedule more compassionately.


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