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Simple and scientific approach for Weight-loss

How to turn your body into a weight loss machine: simple steps and science based approach


Increased weight or excessive body weight is the leading global concern. It is the fundamental cause of many health problems. People are under awe as to how to deal with it. It has become so rampant that no age group people are spared. Everyone is caught right into the trap. The need of the hour is to lose body weight so as to acquire a healthy weight. Body Mass Index is helpful in this regard. But, these weight loss goals cannot be achieved just by mere thinking. You need to think and evolve ways and mechanisms to deal with the situation.

Let us learn some ways to turn your body into a weight loss machine.

  • Regular exercising– exercising keeps you fit and healthy. It regulates your body metabolism and keeps you in shape. Also, it helps to keep you active and fit the whole day. So, this is the first thing that should be done in the morning. This is the best suited time for a workout. If you have a paucity of time and you can exercise only in the evening, then no problem, you can even go for Do remember, something is better than nothing.
  • Switch to cardio mode- the regular pumping of the heart can also facilitate the burning of fat. So, it is quite good if you can switch to cardio mode. This involves jogging, running, cycling, swimming, attending fitness classes, attending cardio sessions, etc.
  • Add fiber to your diet-fiber plays a vital role in extracting waste from the body. Also, it keeps the digestive system So, why to delay? Add some fiber-rich food products like oranges, cinnamon, coriander, nuts, seeds, etc. to your diet as soon as possible.
  • Drink enough water– water plays a pivotal role in various body functions. In fact, almost all the organs of the body need water for proper operation. So, if you can drink plenty of water, it will actually boost your metabolism and get you rid of some extra calories. Water is the easiest thing which you can find, hopefully in this century.
  • Drink green tea well, green tea is rich in such isolated compounds which stimulates the metabolism in the body. One of these isolated compounds is epigallocatechin-gallate. This stimulates the central nervous system and speeds up weight loss.
  • Add protein to your diet– adding protein to your diet can help you get the desired weight loss results.
  • Get adequate sleep- an adequate amount of sleep can handle a number of health problems in one stroke. Many people are so busy in their lives that they can not actually take out time for proper rest and sleep. They are unaware of the circadian rhythm. It is a biological rhythm of sleeping and waking which has a significant impact on the metabolism of the body. So, it is better and beneficial to get enough sleep as not only it relaxes the mind and body, but also reduces weight.
  • Go for interval and strength training– it is scientifically proven fact that interval and strength training has a lot more advantage over steady cardio workouts. It is based on the fact that by adding more weight to your workout you can actually enhance your muscle mass. The increased muscle mass will speed up the fat burning process during your sleep.
  • Create a hormonal balance in the body– hormones play a pivotal role in the functioning of the body. In fact, if you can actually create hormonal balance in the body it will help you shed extra The hormonal balance can actually be created through the help of eating various healthy food products.
  • Do not skip meals- many people think that skipping meals will make them lean and thin. But, the fact is this that the body needs food for fuel and when it goes into starvation mode, then the effect of this is reversed. So, it is better to avoid skipping meals.


Well, having an insight into these weight loss methods, you can gain confidence and be sure that you will be successful in losing weight. You always need to remember that there is no magic pill or solution to weight loss. You can not just close your eyes and wait for something to happen and when you open your eyes you lose weight. You need to do a bit of hard work and show dedication and commitment, only then you can achieve your desired goal.

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