Should we walk after our meals?

Should we walk after our meals?

Walking after meals is a common practice in today’s world. If we closely notice, for example, after we take a meal, we tend to not lie down immediately. Rather we take a walk around or keep ourselves moving for some time. As a matter of fact, it has become a regular habit for us nowadays. Many of us may even sit up but avoid lying down. Sometimes we believe that lying immediately after a meal might cause us to have digestion issues.


Hence, we tend to move after a meal.  Here are some of the reasons why walking after meals are important to us.


  1. As a matter of fact, after conducting researches it has been proved that 10-15 minutes’ walk after the meal improves the digestion as well as help in maintaining the proper blood sugar. Thus it helps in maintaining the homeostasis of the body.


  1. Walking after a meal fastens the rate at which the food particles move towards the digestion tract and the speed at which the food particles are broken down are also accelerated.


  1. In addition, generally after a meal, the blood sugar tends to fluctuate a lot. It is important for us to know that this also can be controlled easily by walking.

The high fluctuations in blood after a meal can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also increase the risk of diabetes to a much greater extent.


  1. Researchers found out that the blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes 2 have caused a remarkable decline after walking for 15 minutes after dinner. This is yet another remarkable observation and helps us to find the benefit of walking after the meal.


  1. When we perform some metabolic activities, glucose in the muscles is used up in order to obtain energy. This theory explains the reason why after a meal, the glucose present in the bloodstream is cleared, too.


  1. Walking after a meal also increases the metabolic rate. In fact, due to walking the organisms in our cells work much faster because they get a constant supply of oxygen and hence can easily speed up the process to release more energy. Thus, the biochemical process in which energy is released is fastened to a greater extent.


  1. Triglycerides are lowered due to walk after a meal. Found in the fat tissues and in the blood, both triglycerides, as well as lipoproteins, are sticky and dense substances. If the concentration of these reaches beyond a certain limit, there will be clogged arteries. These clogged arteries can finally lead to cardiovascular disease and fatal heart attacks due to insufficient flow of oxygen to the heart.


Walking after a meal prevents the triglycerides as well as lipoproteins from accumulating in the blood and as a result, prevents the chances of a heart attack due to artery blockage to a great extent. A walk after a meal also increases the circulation of blood in the arteries.


  1. Walking after a meal improves blood circulation. As it is obvious while walking, there is an increased blood circulation in the body as all the parts of our body are involved in work. This blood circulation, in turn, prevents cardiovascular diseases and high and low blood pressure level, which is a common problem, nowadays.


  1. Prevents you from being overweight: It is important to note that having meals with high calorific value can cause one to gain weight and hence become obese, face diseases related to obesity, altogether. A walk after a meal helps you to keep going without becoming obese.


When the digestion starts, the body creates glucose in the bloodstream. To cope up with the glucose, the body, in turn, creates insulin. This insulin induces obesity. By walking we can reduce the level of glucose in the blood by utilizing it to our muscles.  Thus, less insulin is released to counteract glucose and of course, obesity is prevented.


Thus, from the discussion, it is evident that we should walk after our meals. It has several advantages. To start the practice of walking after meals, one should use certain tricks, so that the habit is developed. For instance, forming a group to walk after meals, select a soothing environment to walk and so on can also help.

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