Besan Chilla

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and happy? Today I am going to tell you a healthy breakfast recipe. First Let’s see its ingredients.


Let’s see How to make Chilla? In Brief then we will see it in detail that how it is cooked?

How to make Chilla ?

Take gram flour in a big bowl and add water little by little to make a thick batter. Make the consistency of this batter is slightly thin then batter required for making pakoras. Add green chili, ginger paste, carom seeds (crushed), red chili powder and salt to the batter and mix all ingredients nicely. Also add spinach to the batter and mix well. We have used 3/4 cup of water for making this much quantity of batter. Keep aside the batter for 10 minutes to set.

Let’s see How to cook Besan Chilla?


Preheat a non stick -tawa, spread 1 tsp oil over it with help of a napkin paper. Now pour 2 to 3 tsp batter over the tawa and spread it evenly with help of a spoon (tawa should be slightly warm, else the cheela might stick to the tawa if it's too warm). Pour some oil all over the cheela and on the top as well.

Roast the cheela on high and medium flame until it gets brown spots beneath. Now flip the sides and roast from other side as well until it gets brown spots. Cheela is roasted from both sides evenly, take it off from flame and place over a plate.

Now Tantalizing and delicious chillas are ready.Stay tuned for more recipes.Contact us for a detailed diet plan.