Weight Management with Hypertension & Cholesterol

Weight Management with Hypertension

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Hypertension and Cholesterol are often related to weight issues. This requires a carefully planned fat burning diet to managing weight effectively.

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Weight Management with Hypertension

Obesity itself is a disease. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and hectic routine we are falling prey to lot of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes.

Increased consumption of processed and junk food is major cause of weight gain and obesity. Since we have become an indoor generation, our activity levels are very low. We are mostly sitting and living a sedentary life. Hypertension is a silent killer as you never see it coming until there is a stroke. It is independent of your age. You can still be hypertension even if you are thin.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is caused by hardening of arteries which make is difficult for heart to pump blood in the body. This hardening is caused by a process called arthrosclerosis which due to high LDL levels in blood.

Hence, it becomes essential to increase HDL/ Healthy fats in diet and lower down the level of LDL/Bad cholesterol from the body. Our diet package is designed in a way that within the span of one month the person feeling remarkable changes. There is a step by step process that we follow.

Step 1: Analysis of Blood Reports and Lipid Profile

Our team of expert doctors analyzes the blood test reports first. We see the medication of patients and advice the dietician and naturopaths for any possible drug interaction with the diet. Then the case is assigned to the best dietician for Hypertension.

Step 2: Weight Measurement and Anthropometric Tests:

Measurement of weight and height are taken. BMI is calculated. We also measure arms, waist, thighs and hips. According to the BMI, we set the target weight-loss per week if required.

Step 3: Setting up Health Goals

According to the patient’s anthropometric analysis, health goals are decided by the delhi’s best dieticians. There can decide weekly, monthly or daily goals depending on the severity of the issue. Continuous coaching is given until the patient becomes self-sufficient.

Step 4: Monitoring and Feed-Back

After setting up the correct goals according to the patient’s routine, food preference and lifestyle we start monitoring the growth while supporting the person through continuous coaching. Diet-plan is changed as per the growth.

Step 5: Maintenance

After achieving the health targets successfully, the patient is put and coached upon maintaining the results.





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