Power Weight Loss

Power Weight Loss

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In today's busy schedule, you need to become healthier & correct your lifestyle. This plan will help you lose those extra inches just in time.

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Obesity is now a global epidemic. Due to busy routine, stress and faulty lifestyle habits, it is becoming alarmingly easy to fall prey to lifestyle disorders such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart diseases etc. Almost everybody is suffering from weight management and looking for a quick fix. In this attempt, people try lots of home remedies and certain generalized overhyped fad/crash diets which do more damage than benefit the benefit to the body.
Weight-loss/Weight gain is multi-factorial. It involves eating habits, routine, exercise or activity levels, stress levels, metabolism, deficiency diseases, hormones and sleeping pattern. All these factors combined yield our Diet plans the optimal results.
Our weight management program work on overall lifestyle and habit correction which helps in restoration of your lost health. The plan is designed to minimize the stress levels and promote fitness weight-loss/weight-gain with making the body strong from within.
The Diet Plan:
Food is a way of life. A sustainable and long lasting Diet plan is a well balanced Diet plan which allows you to have best of all the things you like in correct portion size or quantity. We must enjoy the food and relish everything given to us by nature. The entire food items has some significance in human body however it is important to understand the quantity and timing of consumption. Crash diets come and go but a balanced meal plan and correct lifestyle will always be there to bring you back to health and well being.
Our diet plans are scientific and customized specially to suit the individualized needs. It contains natural food items which are readily available in local market. Our experts also keep the seasonality and food preference in mind. The meal plans are wholesome and nutritious. We do not recommend fad diets or mono diet.
This is how we work:
• Our Diet plans are customized specially to suit your routine and health goals
• We do not prescribe any supplements/Fat Burners//Pills/mass gainers.
• All our plans are based on natural, seasonal and local foods.
• Nno bland or boiled food diets
• No rigorous work out.
• No starvation
• Just nutrititious and wholesome meals
• Well balanced diets
How to Begin:
Before starting with any Dietary service, you are asked to fill a Food log or Nutritional questionnaire which has all the important questions about your weight, height, medical history, cultural background, routine, food choices and eating pattern. If required we recommend blood tests as well before starting a program.
After you fill the form and send it to us we analyze your answers and discuss your case within our team and draft a suitable diet plan for you. This way we help you make effective changes in your Dietary habits, food choices and lifestyle to make your weight loss/ gain journey smooth and enjoyable.
Once your plan is customized, we give you a telephonic consultation at a preferable time which could be for 30-45 minutes. During this consultation, our nutrition expert coaches you about your Diet plan and help you understand the plan and make amendments if required.
Daily monitoring is also done through food logs and food tracker.
Weekly and Monthly growth monitoring :
We make changes in plan as per needs. If the plan is working optimaly and giving us the desired results, we like to utilize it to the fullest. We monitor growth changes weekly and monthly. This helps us in tracking the result of the Diet plan.
We do not recommend any artificial supplements/ fat burning pills/ mass gainers. Our plans are based on real food. We believe in natural ingredients and simple herbs and spices available in the kitchen. Eating less or eating just salads is not a guarantee of good health. Our Diet plans are powerful enough to help you achieve the desired results. We do not recommend rigorous workout regime or extreme fad or crash diets.
We believe in change of habits and lifestyle to help you achieve your lost health and confidence. It is difficult in the beginning to form new healthy habits. Studies show that it takes three weeks for human brain to form a habit and till then you have us to help you remind those habits.
Our Diet plans will start showing the results within first week itself. Increase in energy levels, improvement in sleep and change in weight are some visible changes after you start following the plan. We help you throughout your health journey with us and our expert are just a phone call way. So just relax and enjoy your time. We got your back!!!!

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