Pre wedding diet

Pre-Wedding Diet for Natural Glow Skin

It is important and a desire for all the people that their skin should be healthy and want to increase their skin Glow. Below are some of the measures and food that will improve the skin glow and makes the skin healthier.

If we want skin glow we have to take nutrient-rich food, which is rich in vitamins like green leafy vegetables, Carrots, Watermelon, Nuts like avocado which is a great source in vitamins A, E etc. Ream more about top 12 dry fruits of all seasons.

If we do not take this food in our diet we cannot have proper vitamins and nutrients in our body so we should daily intake this kind of food in our diet.

Ways to Glow your Skin


Water is another important source to keep our skin healthier. If we do not take sufficient amount of H2O our body will be dehydrated and skin will become unhealthy.

Therefore, we also have to eat foods that contain water like cucumber, watermelon, etc.

Avoid Junk Food

The main problem in damage of skin nowadays is overtaking of junk food in our diet it shows a major impact results in obesity, Overweight and will result in diabetes.

Due to the hectic lifestyle of people, they are eating whey they are free and eating contaminated and packed food, which is very dangerous to health.

This kind of food habits must be changed and have to take nutrient foods which will help to make our skin healthier.

Avoid taking Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee contain caffeine, which is not good for skin and body so we have to avoid taking tea and coffee instead of taking tea or coffee taking more water is good for health or adding lemon to water is also good for healthy skin.

Instead of taking tea, taking green tea is good and it makes the purification of blood.

Taking Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits contain vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, and other nutrients, which will play an important role for a healthy body.

Therefore, if we include a bowl of fresh fruits in our diet it will show a good impact on our skin.

Whole Grains

Whole Grains are nothing but wheat, bajra etc. these are rich in nutrients and also fiber, which makes our body clean so we have to include this kind of food in our regular diet.

Green Leafy Vegetables

These help in making digestive system functioning correctly and including this in our diet will help in healthier of skin.


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and which is very important for removing unwanted elements in our body including lemon in our regular diet will show a great result in making our skin healthier and clean. Explore more on how lemons can helps you this direction.

Vegetable Juices

Instead of taking fruit, juices additional to fruit juices if we take vegetable salads that will help in making our skin and body healthier so that we have to include the vegetable salads in our regular diet.

Not only diet but also mental relaxation is needed to make our skin healthier i.e. sufficient health, Exercise, Meditation etc. So that our body functioning will be improved.


Sleeping plays an important role in improving the functionality of the body. Nowadays increasing of work stress results in lack of sleep so that people are suffering from many issues so sufficient sleep is necessary for our body.

Read on why sleeplessness is not just bad for your eyes but can creates adverse impact on your health.

Meditation will also help in decreasing stress, makes our mental peace, and improve so meditation and exercise are needed.

Avoid Sugars

High intake of food, which contains sugar, will result in overweight so we have to avoid intake of sugars instead of taking sugar we can take honey, which is also good for health daily taking water with honey will improve the blood purification and makes our skin healthier.

Some of the elements we have to add in our diet are

Turmeric: – this is good for health and used as an antioxidant.

Nuts, Papaya, Spinach, Yoghurt, Tomato, Eggs etc can make our body healthier.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol makes our body nonproductive so we have to avoid the habit of taking alcohol so that we can make our body healthier. Look at the consequences and remedies of drinking alcohol after marriage.


These are some of the foods and elements we have to include in our diet for making our body and skin healthier.

By including all the elements can show a great impact.

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