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Eating outside and expecting a weight loss seems near to impossible. We are never confident about the food we outside just because of the way it is cooked and the kind of ingredients (food colors, preservatives, extra oily, etc.) are chosen to be added. But in today’s scenario, there are times when we are just bound to eat outside. It can be because of the working hours, areas where we reside, places we go for a hangout, etc. All these factors pave the way for junk food restaurants.

A skyrocketed number of restaurants in every next colony is what we are seeing these days. On one hand your instructors are telling you to stay away from fat gain foods and on the other hand, you’ve no other option than eating outside, which may or may not be healthy. Everyone is working and hence getting a balanced diet, that too home-made is tough.

So what to do here? Not to worry much. All restaurants do not offer dishes that are going to harm your health in a certain way. Moreover, it is not necessary that one has to pick the same dishes as you generally do. For instance, trying a fruit salad or a cup of soup instead of a plate full of spicy noodles for the evening snack can be refreshing and healthy. Also, it lessens the chances of gaining any fat.

Similarly, while at a restaurant you can pick a different meal than you usually chose. Try something that has lower calories, less fat, isn’t too spicy, fewer sugars and well-cooked. See the nutritional value of a meal and then gift yourself a healthy surprise.

Let’s see in detail what we can eat outside and what measures can be taken in order to keep up with the good health and still enjoy delicious meals:

  1. Drink a glass of water at least half an hour before a meal. This is one of the best tricks to eat less if you have to eat outside. Drinking a glass of water will fill your tummy at the beginning itself and you’ll automatically eat less. Studies have shown that doing this has higher chances of weight loss.


  1. Order a chilled herbal tea instead of aerated drinks. Unlike the unhealthy, calorie adding soft drinks like cola; you can go for an iced tea. It not just boosts your metabolism and antioxidants but also adds minerals to your body. It is absolutely refreshing and a good drink to choose.


  1. Include protein in your diet. Soy protein and milk, green peas, tofu, oatmeal, chia seeds, beans, peanut butter rather than regular butter, fish, eggs, meat, etc. are helpful to provide you with immense protein amounts. Also, you can ask for your own favorite yet healthy stuffing in a roll or sandwich like in the case of Subway restaurants. Choose wisely so that they may not add something extremely against your fat loss mission.


  1. Change the menu. There are a lot of dishes that you might have not discovered yet which are super beneficial and energizing. Unlike the regular meal of dal makhani, butter chicken and kadhai paneer with naan bread which we usually order when out with friends and family, you can order a different main course next time. Try something like smoked salmon, sweet corn soup, garlic bread, whole wheat meals, taco bell, mixed vegetable, bruschetta, beetroot or kiwi salad, sprouts, and lot more. These dishes are rich in various nutrients that are good for your body and yet extremely delicious. All these may or may not be available in one place. But you can order whichever is accessible.


  1. Check your eating habits. A general target that we skip and take for granted is this one. Either you’re eating outside or at home, eat slowly and eat on regular intervals along with a little exertion. This completes the cycle. You eat something it gets absorbed by the body. All the vital nutrients are taken up by the body and you’re full of energy. Walk a little or sit straight after eating. This will help control weight issues. Fat won’t stay in your body; you’ll be active and would feel hungry at the right time again.

Health experts suggest that a person should eat after a certain regular interval. It is not that too much eating at once or too less in an entire day would work. A little munching is required after every two hours or so.  One cannot and most probably should not eat a heavy meal after every two hours but can surely pick the little number of snacks like a handful of dry fruits, or a diet snack like boiled corn would do wonders without making you fat.


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