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We, at www.dieticianforhealth.com, are professionals who closely understand your requirements and design customized nutrition packages focused on your health in line with your changing body dynamism. We prepare targets in line with your health goals and together try to achieve them through regular communication and change in nutrition pattern with progress.

Our Objective is to transform our your approach to healthy lifestyle and inculcate easy ways through which they could stay fit rather than providing them any kind of diet crash courses. Please take up any of our variety of Packages that suit your requirements and get that confidence back in your life that was missing for a long time!

Our Packages are designed with experienced learning and accepted natural methodologies that yield desired and sustainable results. They are based on 6 Special Features:


Majority of you have a perception that dietician only suggests “dieting” procedures based on crash diet or bland food. This way, your motivation levels are down even before you actually begin any dietary program. This leads to anxiety and ultimately non-fulfillment of health goals.
However, we do not offer any such program as our methodology is based on correcting your dietary lifestyle naturally through methods that are easy to follow to offer sustainable results aimed at achieving long term health. Thus, we offer easy to adopt diet packages that make us the best dietitian team to opt for.
Many of you have a perception that weight management is possible only with rigorous exercises. You should note that body requires correct nutrition during a workout regime. It is a known fact that 80% of the gym actually resides in the kitchen and only remaining 20% is exercise. This means that no matter how much you workout in the gym, you are wasting your time if you are not eating right. Therefore, a carefully designed diet can enhance the performance and expedite the your workout results.
At www.dieticianforhealth.com, we customize our Packages based on your body requirements as your body requires specific nutrition with changing age and structural dynamism to achieve your health goals. This way, we ensure that you opt for the best diet package to remain on track during the diet program and your results reflect the right decision that you made towards selecting the best dietitian for yourself.
Many of you having very strict weight management goals get confused about the action and results of Pills and Fat Burners. Please note that achieving health goals is very much possible without taking any Pills or Fat Burners. We ensure that our Packages are very transparent and do not include any such methods for weight management as they are not sustainable methods of achieving long term health.


We base our Packages on local and seasonal food that is easily available so that you can reap maximum natural benefits from your meals. Our Packages are designed on preparation of delicious recipes to keep your motivational levels up and help you remain bonded with your dietary schedule. We design your meals as per your choices so that there is no question of cheating your dietary schedule and repenting later on. This also helps you correct your dietary lifestyle and these small changes made one meal at a time help you get much bigger results in the end.


With today’s fast paced life, everyone is busy with their daily chores that they fear they will not be able to give priority to their diet and follow dietary Packages for long. Our Packages are designed to kill these perceptions as meals and recipes are designed as per your routine so that it becomes easy for them to complete their diet therapy on a daily basis as planned. Clients get meal ingredient planning in the Packages that cater to out of home movements so that moving out of house does not become an excuse of not following the prescribed diet


While correct diet therapy is very essential for long term weight management, it is ineffective unless monitored accurately followed by counselling at appropriate milestones. We ensure that we remain in touch with our clients for performance measurement of diet Packages so that they get accurate results as planned. We also counsel them personally if they face any issue or doubts or in case their program requires a change. Regular checks also help clients understand what they need to do in order to achieve their health goals on time. We are also available in case they need any help as we value client’s health as our top priority.

Who We Are

Dietician Devina Bangotra

Dietician Devina Bangotra

My name is Dietician Devina, I am 31 years old. I am a Personal Health Coach

Ms. Devina Bangotra is a dietitian and nutrition expert who provides innovative approaches for healthy dieting, boosting fitness, sports nutrition and achieving correct body weight. She completed her Bachelors in Zoology from Delhi University followed by M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management and works as both weight loss expert and lifestyle management coach, helping clients gain mass and strength.

Ms Bangotra also has a Diploma in Sports Nutrition and has gained experience by working at Delhi’s leading Govt. and Private Hospitals where her focus has been not only developing new and effective ways to combat obesity but also motivate clients and help them overcome diet related fears. She provides knowledge sessions to clients on nutrition, ethical food & nutrition related myth busters. Her consultation chats specific to clients’ condition and individual requirements make her an expert nutritionist who offers solutions that deliver results.

Her approach is to help her clients manage their body weight with changing age and body dynamism so that they become more confident after consultation with her. Her specializations include special client needs like clinical and therapeutic diets and her goal is to help clients change their lifestyle by moving towards healthy eating and result oriented nutrition. It is her focused consultation & dedicated efforts towards offering healthy diet to clients that makes her one of the “Best Dietitian in Delhi” in their mind.

Dr Ashok K Bangotra

Dr Ashok K Bangotra

My name is Dr Ashok, I am 66 years old. I am a Personal Health Coach

Dr. Ashok K Bangotra is a professional Consultant Physician (MD Medicine) who has an extensive clinical experience working as Head of leading Delhi Govt Hospitals (Aruna Asaf Ali Govt Hospital, Civil Lines Delhi and Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, Rohini, Delhi) till his retirement. He continues to be devoted to this panel providing clients his expert guidance on diet plans best suited to their associated medical conditions (if any). He is an esteemed Member of Association of Physicians of India and has been requested to be Chief Guest of various Medical Conferences across India.

Dr. Bangotra understands the correlation of client’s medical conditions with their customized nutritional requirements so as to offer treatment that leads to most optimized results. It is for this reason that he actively assists clients in recording their anthropometric measurements and also provides allopathic help (if required) from his medical experience and helps finalize nutrition plans suited to achieve clients’ health goals.

Dr. Bangotra has vast experience to understand clients’ psychology and keeps them motivated till the end of the program. He acts a backhaul Consultant Physician and resolves many of clients’ doubts on their existing mediations or in case that require any medical help during the program.

Jagat Narayan Kanoujia

Mr Jagat Narayan Kanoujia

My name is Jagat, I am 64 years old. I am a Personal Health Coach

Mr Jagat Narayan Kanoujia is an expert in Homeopathic Medicine from Lucknow and has a huge experience in providing methods to treat clients using Homeopathic and Naturopathic approaches. He follows the ancient concept that balanced diet acts as medicine and helps clients easily adopt natural ways of living.

He provides innovative natural approaches to clients and best techniques to follow while on their customized nutrition packages so as to get maximum yield out of them. Mr Kanoujia also infuses his expertise in helping dieticians prepare client customized nutrition packages having natural foods that are easy to prepare and help clients achieve their health goals quickly.Mr Kanoujia helps clients retain their healthy state through easy natural approaches and changes their lifestyle so that they can stay fit for a longer time. He also guides clients to take care of themselves and improve their immunity levels while they are on the nutrition package for lifestyle ailments through homeopathy or naturopathy methods.

It is important for this panel to have an expert like Mr Kanoujia to have a non-allopathic outlook on the table that provides the complete picture of the clients before the team starts to work on them.

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Why We Are

Do you think hit & trial from free diet/health info can be good for you?

Your gym resides in your kitchen – Gym/heavy exercise contributes only 25% to well being while 75% is influenced by correct dietary lifestyle.

Dieticians or doctors working individually cannot provide you a complete solution that helps you achieve your health goals and cure your health problems together.

We have an panel of expert dieticians, specialist doctors, professional naturopathic experts (homeopaths) who team up along with our health partners to provide best and long lasting health management solutions to you in easy and natural ways.

1. We have dieticians who are experienced practitioners and have achieved the national standards of healthcare education that qualify them as professional trainers for weight management (both weight loss or gain).

2. We have expert allopathic consultants who investigate your medical history and suggest most appropriate views to dieticians so that most suited calorie-counted diet plans can be prepared.

3. We also have naturopathic experts who help dieticians squeeze out processed ingredients and help add natural and unprocessed food to client diet plans to prevent body degradation and catalyze metabolism.

4. We also have certified health partners who provide calorie-counted meals and health drinks as optional part of the client diet plan.


What We Do

You require help of professionals like us if you really want to achieve your health goals. Our professional assistance will help you maintain healthy lifestyle for long easily.We bust your incorrect diet/fitness myths and provide easily methods to maintain yourselves with your changing body dynamism for life to help you prevent onset of medical problems.

Our 360 degree care program for you gets initiated after deeply understanding your lifestyle and medical condition to suggest you the best options in a natural way.

We manage clinical conditions to promote health and wellness, prevent diseases and help solve common diet pitfalls by changing client lifestyle. We prepare customized calorie-counted diet plan having best-suited meals as per your medical condition. We also advise right exercising schedules to you that supplement modified dietary habits to help you achieve your health goals.

1. Our dieticians provide you free consultation to understand your issues and reasons of setting your health goals.

2. Following this, our doctors analyze your medical history and suggest their views to the dieticians.

3. Dieticians team up with naturopathic experts to prepare best and customized diet plans for you.

4. Our dieticians always communicate with you to explain diet plans, recipes and raw material purchase. Diet plans are also modified through performance monitoring and your feedback to bring best results.

5. Our dieticians also suggest correct exercising schedules to supplement the modified dietary habits to help you achieve your health goals.