Obesity: An Epidemic in India

OBESITY: An Epidemic in India

The effects of urban and more sophisticated life have been many. The ease of doing work has subtly but drastically affected our bodies. We consume more calories than we could burn on an average. A few years back, we would have hardly come across the mention of ‘Obesity’ as a disease. However, now our lives have become more and more inclined towards the higher numbers on a weighing scale. The unfortunate part is that ‘Obesity’ is no longer a rare phenomenon. However, fortunately, it is something we can control if we maintain the routine and form our body expects from us. With millennial habits taking a toll on our mental and physical health, we need to make our body our first priority again, the fact that we had neglected for a long time (Environment is also responsible for making us obese). This article discusses everything you need to know about obesity and make you a conscious individual.

Obesity is simply the excess accumulation of fat within our bodies which affects our internal functioning in the long run, with excessively increases cases of cardiovascular and mental health since the last decade (read some amazing weight loss food). It is very common among Indian men and women, old or young. It has a grip over all age types and that’s what makes it much more formidable to deal with. It is definitely no less than an epidemic for the Indian scenario where consumption and body lifestyle patterns make its occurrence more probable. The most common diagnostic is the Body Mass Index (BMI) however, in many cases it may not be a proper indication of the health conditions of the body.

Every problem has a starting point and something which has accumulated within the body over a long period of time is more difficult to deal with. That directly correlates to the fact that our starting points should be healthier i.e. childhood patterns of body fat percentage (Understand the difference between Fat Loss and Weight Loss). It is manageable if some sudden temporary lifestyle change or adjustment to a new place, may even temporary socio-psychological condition leads to a change in the body weight for some time.

However, we should note that a problem carried over time becomes more stubborn to fight against. That is why the children of society need to be taught to stay healthier since young ages. Now are such times that any age group may suffer from health problems most commonly related to obesity. An obese child generally tends to grow up as an obese individual, which leads to mental and physical problems since a young age. It may also lead to reduced body shaming issues when children are made conscious of the problem it is. The culture of playground games should not diminish.

Overindulgence in computers and social media and its negative effects should be made understood to the younger individuals. That does not shift the total work to the children though, they learn from the habits and mistakes of their preceding generations. See which vitamin’ deficiency is making you obese?

As health conscious individuals, whatever level of busy and hectic the schedules may be they should try to incorporate at least some minutes of physical activity into their routines. The diet patterns should be regularly checked and anything which is bad for the health should be limited in consumption.  In rare cases, obesity becomes a genetic disorder and though for such cases the battle is even tougher if the focus to maintain a body within the desirable limits it becomes a boon to your only body and every other person who follows you. Obesity is curable but medications and surgery are not the final resort.

The common causes are lack of physical activity and a bad diet, both of them can be decided on how you plan to go about them. Now that the proper nutritional guidelines are available, all of us can individually start working on the choices of overeating and proper nutritional guidelines. Starting working on your body at the initial ages keeps you healthier and happier for a long time without giving in to the clutches of the dreadful condition.

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Your blog helped me keep a check on my lifestyle and eating habits. Amazing work.


Amazing work. Loved the content and the way it was presented.