Indian Festivals

Maintaining Diet in Festive Seasons

Learn to say NO.

Yes, you heard it right!

The most important fact about a conscious individual is a person who has a strong will power to make changes and that person sure knows how to refuse the gulab jamun coming his way, or the samosas offered to him/her during a festival. Recipes on Indian festival can hamper our weight management diet plan.

If you think those little acceptances do not change anything, think again. Because they do, they affect your determination to stay true to your plans. Not everybody going to the gym is already fit nor is everyone not going to the gym excessively unhealthy. The major difference is in the approach, some know how to take care of their body because it is the temple of existence gifted to us and every gift should be preserved as long it can be.

Ways to Maintaining Diet in Festive Seasons

  1. Always remember that the essence of celebrating festivals is not necessarily dependent on what you eat, it is largely dependent on your health and the friends who can cherish the lifestyle with you. Health over wealth, every day. Especially in circumstances where you control your habits.
  2. If you really want to cherish your favorite foods, try something that can be altered and made healthier for you. We sadly, cannot escape the evil adulteration and the challenges it poses. Therefore, the only step that remains is avoidance as long as possible.
  3. Try to prepare foods that use less oil and unhealthy stuff. Instead of serving namkeens, serve fruits and curd to your relatives. That is the best way to avoid all the unnecessary stuff. Also, drink huge amounts of water. Obviously, no one can argue with me on that. Being hydrated keeps your metabolism in check and more water leaves less space for more food intake i.e. lowers appetite considerably.
  4. Keep all the healthier and tastier options ready at the table. Do not prepare anything you would not want to eat, or rather should not want to eat because temptation is the root cause of unhealthiness. Do not forget some physical exercise every day, be it a couple of minutes of Yoga. Nothing should be more important than your body after all. However, all these options and much better have already been discussed by many people already. Nothing is useful unless applied and adhered to. Believe me, once the festivals stop it’s you and your body all over again. You know the choice!
  5. Indian festivals are the most beautiful when enjoyed together but incorporating healthy habits does not make you less of a celebratory/follower. All it does is make you conscious enough to propagate meaningful festivals and healthy smiles you shall never ever regret later.
  6. Finally yet importantly, comes the intake of alcohols, which seem to be the heart of parties today. A little amount of alcohol may sound beneficial sometimes, festivals and the overjoyed mood may lead you into making decisions you would not be happy of making later. I need not remind you of the effects an excessive intake can cause, but let me remind you repeatedly of the responsibility you take for your own personal human body. Respect it and it will comply beautifully the rest of your lives otherwise unwise decisions are bound to make you sad and unhealthy, of course.

Festive seasons are not a free permit to drive your habits the way you like; rather they are a better test of your internal strength to know what is right for you in the longer run. What shall you more happily choose a few dizzy jokes and smiles today or an efficient happy true to the self-body tomorrow or even years later?

That is totally up to you to decide.

Learn to celebrate festivals with a knack for stress decreasing and health maintaining activities and every time you dream of things you are not getting to eat remember the extra healthy days you are getting to live and most importantly know the art of refusing when your body says no.

Look out for the signals your body conveys and listen to them, do not be a hypocrite while your own body suffers out of it.

Only when you master this simple art of human psychology, will you be really able to do wonders towards a more beautiful and nutritious, healthy life!!!

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