Low carb and keto side effects and how to cure them?

How the keto diet response to weight management?

 Keto diet has been on praise because of its alarming response to help for weight management and cholesterol. It focuses on a low carb and high-fat diet, where the body depends on burning calories from fats rather than carbohydrates. This efficiency of burning fat is called ketosis. It attained this extraordinary motion due to activities to change the libido. The libido changes as a result of weight loss and again comes to play after the body has adjusted to the change. But later a lot of criticism came over the side effects of the diet.

The major side effect is the keto flu. It results as an adaptation of the body with a low carb diet initially. This may include headache, irritation, and constipation and vomiting.  This is the result of the burning of ketones instead of glucose to generate energy. The stored fats in the body are utilized instead of carbs .so the fats are broken down to ketones that serve as the source of energy, these ketones are removed from the body by frequent urination, which may lead to nausea, muscle soreness, dizziness, and fatigue. Even though keto flu late for a week, it leads to Brainfog and difficulty in the concentration of mind. As a lot of electrolytes are lost by urination, in order to replenish them adequate consumption of water and juices low in carbs can be taken. The condition may worsen causing kidney problems due to dehydration and loss of sodium and magnesium from the body. Moreover, electrolytes are necessary for the heart too .this may put the heart to arrhythmia. The diet plan is difficult to follow, so not more of people can follow it causing fluctuations leading to side effects of weight gain.  Decreased bone density, irregular menstrual cycle, insomnia are some common side effects. People miss out not only on carbs but also other Essential nutritional factors as they are unable to have legumes, fruits, and vegetables, which deliberately reduces their fiber, vitamin, and phytochemical content. Leading to other associated diseases.

There are some remedies to reduce the symptoms of side effects. It is recommended to use salt and water as a remedy .add a teaspoon full of salt to a glass of water and have a drink. It will take 15-20 minutes to completely eliminate the side effects. As you feed on low carb, you have chances to feel hungry for often. This will cause tiredness and weakness in the body.

Make sure you have a proper low carb diet that has more fats; this will keep you energetic and stipulated. You are likely to develop leg cramps more often in the first week; it is the side effect of loss of mineral like magnesium from the body. So you can survive on salt water or supplement yourself to high magnesium containing foods .ensure to have lots of drinking water to replenish the electrolytes lost. If still, the problems persist then you can add more of carbs to your diet. For relieving constipation add some fibrous food and vegetables to your diet. Milk of magnesia can be useful. Warm water and salt can even release the stool smoothly. Sometimes people even develop a bad breath; make sure to maintain good oral hygiene. Add water and salt. If the problem persists longer then avoid ketosis by cutting off on the diet.

These changes are the result of the adaptation that the body undergoes due to a sudden change in the food processor. You can patiently wait for a week or two for the body to get acquainted with the symptoms of fly and gradually they will reduce and become extinct. The side effects are not a cause to worry about but proper care should be taken in case of chronic diseases like diabetes and high or low blood pressure cases. Keto diet has been proved it’s successful effects and has come into play, taking proper measures about the side effects you can well manage your health.


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