weight loss plan in 10 days

Loose weight in just 10 days!!


WEIGHT in 10-DAYs  


Are you overweight or obese? Worried. Well, no need to. You can follow a simple weight loss program for 10 days. It is specially designed to help you lose weight. Let me tell you about this program in detail.

What is the 10-day weight loss plan?

Most of you are overweight. But, the paucity of time renders you with no choice. You do not have extra time to follow particular steps and get rid of this boy fat. So, what happened? You can stick to this 10-day weight loss program and achieve the desired results. It only consumes 10 days of your 365 days of a year. Following a particular diet pattern during these 10 days can help you lose weight easily.

You can start your program by eating only fruits. Fruits are rich in antioxidants so you can ascertain how beneficial they will prove to be. You should take care that your meal and snacks contain fruits. If you do not want to eat raw fruits, you can instead go for smoothies. You can then add vegetables to your diet. Vegetables play a crucial role in achieving your weight loss goals. So, do not forget to add vegetables like broccoli, spinach, etc. to your diet. You can have chopped vegetables like a salad instead of unhealthy snacks. You can then add milk to your vegetable-rich diet plan.

Oatmeals can be taken as snacks. Indeed vegetables are healthy. But, simply eating vegetables won’t benefit you a lot. So, add some healthy food products to your diet program. These healthy products might include low-fat yogurt, egg, beans, barley, pears, etc. in fact, add food products rich in fiber. They help you with digestion and provide an impetus to your metabolism. Do not continue your diet plan with simply these food products. You should try eating something light like vegetable soups.

In fact, these diet plans are effective only if you follow some simple steps in these days which are discussed below:

  • Make a diet plan for your meals. This is the most simple thing you can do. You can take the help of a dietician. The professional will help you in making a diet plan for every ten days. You just need to follow it and achieve your desired goals.
  • Never ever skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important food of the day as it starts your day off. So, follow a nutritious diet plan in your breakfast. This also provides you with energy to carry on your work for the whole day.
  • Drink plenty of water. Not only it keeps you hydrated but helps you burn calories. It even helps the body to get rid of toxic substances by improving digestion and metabolism.
  • Avoid fast and junk foods. These foods have a negative impact on the health of the individual. So, it is better to avoid it.
  • Add fresh fruits and healthy vegetables to your diet.

What is the necessity of this 10-day weight loss program?

Life these days is not as simple as it earlier used to be. We all have a busy schedule and in this busy schedule, if you dream of losing weight, you can very well adopt this diet plan as it will only consume 10 days of your life.

How far this plan resembles a 10-day detox program?

The 10-day detox program as designed by Dr. Mark Hyman is yet another diet plan. It resembles the 10-day weight loss program in the sense that it also helps you lose weight. However, it is different from the 10-day weight loss program as it calls for doing this by reducing your insulin levels in the body. It includes adopting a low glycemic, low carbohydrate diet based on whole, unprocessed foods. The plan focuses on avoiding all kinds of sugar and adding fresh vegetables, protein and healthy fat to your diet.

What are the other features necessary in this program?

The two most important things that should be added to this program are:

  • Exercise- well, this plan will not be as fruitful as you expect if you do not supplement it with regular exercise. You can add a variety of exercise to your routine like biking, cycling, jogging, running, swimming, weight training, interval training, weight lifting, yoga, etc.
  • Sleep– you need to have proper and adequate sleep if you want to execute this program properly. Insufficient sleep is itself a home for a number of diseases. In fact, you feel low and you lose all your boost to do anything.

How much weight loss is expected?

According to data provided by the National Weight Control Registry, approximately 10000 individuals lost over 30 pounds by following this program. In fact, the most claimed data regarding the program suggest losing 10 pounds in just 10 days. But these data are just approximate, they are not conclusive. In fact, the pounds lost depends on specific individual goals and dedication in sticking to these goals.

What role can a dietician perform in this weight loss program?

A dietician plays a crucial role in this program. In fact, it is the professional only who helps you in planning your meal. He/she will recommend you as to what should you eat day wise keeping in mind your body requirements. Since the structure of no two individuals is the same, their demands will also be different and dietician will suggest you a solution keeping in mind your specific demand and bodily needs.



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