Leptin Resistance : Fix it to control weight

How to fix leptin resistance to control weight and food cravings


What is leptin?

The word “Leptin” owes its origin to the Greek word ‘leptos’ meaning thin. Leptin is a hormone which is secreted from fat cells in the adipose tissue. This hormone helps to regulate the body weight of an individual. This is the reason why it is called as “Fat Controller”.

What role does leptin perform?

Leptin is called the satiety hormone of the body as it inhibits hunger and regulates energy balance in the body. It does this as this hormone is responsible for sending a signal to the hypothalamus in the brain. As leptin is produced by fat cells in the body, there is a direct relationship between the amount of leptin released and the amount of body fat in the body. More the amount of fat in the body more will be the circulation of leptin in the blood.

What is leptin resistance in the body?

The normal functioning of leptin leads to eat to the point of satisfaction and restrict any extra cravings for food. But, there might develop a situation in which the brain finds it difficult to detect the hormone. In this condition, the brain will not produce that necessary response. This inability of the brain is called leptin resistance.

What are the various causes of leptin resistance in the body?

Though there is no exact response to this question, but one can very well say that leptin resistance is attributed to various diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, thyroid, etc. Not only this but adopting an unbalanced diet can also be a contributing factor. Diet rich in carbohydrate, junk and processed foods, etc. are a vital contributing factor to the condition.

How to fix leptin resistance to control body weight and food cravings?

In order to fix leptin resistance to control body weight and food cravings, one needs to increase leptin sensitivity.So. Let us know certain methods of increasing leptin sensitivity which can actually fix leptin resistance.

  • Lower the sugar intake in the body– Reducing the intake of sugar in the body can actually fix leptin resistance. So, it is better to switch to diet products with no added sweeteners in them. This will actually help in decreasing the amount of sucrose and fructose taken in the body thus enhancing leptin sensitivity.
  • Say hello to protein and fat- As soon as you wake up, consume some protein and healthy fats as it provides the body with the much-needed building blocks that are responsible for making
  • Switch to regular exercising- While you exercise, the stress on the muscle cell increases causing them to secrete inflammatory compounds. Immediately these compounds reach the brain and begin their anti-inflammatory effects in the brain. Consequently, leptin sensitivity increases and thus leptin resistance is fixed in the body.
  • Get enough sleep– A sound sleep is the cure of most of the diseases. Same is the case with leptin resistance. The more proper you sleep, the more you fix your leptin resistance.
  • Get some ecotherapy– ecotherapy is a fancy term used for spending time in nature. Ecotherapy provides you with a multitude of benefits ranging from mental benefit to heart and stress benefit. Not only this, it improves your sleep and provides you withVitamin it is a sort of exercise in itself. The fresh air received has a number of health benefits and thus it can actually help to fix your leptin resistance.
  • Get omega-3 and discard omega-6– Increase the consumption of omega-3 in the body by eating substances rich in it like fish, grass-fed meats, , and decrease the intake of omega-6 in the body by avoiding food products like vegetable oils, grains, etc. This practice is adopted in order to lower inflammation so as to render an increase in leptin sensitivity.
  • Reduce the number of triglycerides- the large number of triglycerides can inhibit the movement of leptin from blood to the brain. When this happens, naturally you will not good results. So, it is better to decrease the number of triglycerides. This can easily be done by reducing the carbohydrate intake in the body.
  • Say goodbye to inflammation– inflammation plays a pivotal role in leptin resistance. So, it is better to add a few anti-inflammatory foods to your daily routine. This will help you solve the problem.
  • Switch to early eating habits- late night eating habits are linked to higher leptin levels in the body which leads to extra weight gain in the body. Thus, it is better to eat dinner early.
  • Adopt three meals pattern- three meals a day is enough to keep the body functioning properly. When you eat extra, you necessarily invite triglycerides in the body which can obstruct the passage of leptin from blood to the brain. So, it is better to switch to three meals a day.
  • Try intermittent fastingintermittent fasting or skipping meals is yet another possible solution. Sometimes this works and helps in fixing the much-needed leptin resistance in the body. It then cuts your weight and decreases food cravings.
  • Resort to mindful eating– this really works. Mindful eating is indeed an art. When you eat mindfully, your body grabs all the nutrients well and thus gains strength to tackle many things, leptin resistance is one of them.


Hence, one can very well say that fixing insulin resistance can easily fix the weight gain issues and cravings for food. Fixing insulin resistance can be extremly beneficial in losing weight and keeping it off. And this can very well be achieved through balance Diet and if you are not able to strick a balance between your weight and your diet, you can always consult with a Dietician or invest in an online Diet Program.



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