Your refrigerator is a visual representation of your stomach

Your refrigerator tells a lot about you

Our food habits decide our overall growth, development and even gives a hint about our routine. A way to a man’s heart is his stomach and a way to a person’s food habits is his refrigerator. Your refrigerator gives a lot of details about you which you might not even be aware of. Hence, it is important to keep your refrigerator in a proper position. Let us now try and look at the things which are clearly indicated by our refrigerator.


  1. When the fridge is empty:

When the refrigerator is almost empty or completely empty, it clearly indicates that the owner relies on canned and packaged food that automatically lasts longer without the requirement of a refrigerator.

This may definitely cause a reduction in the electricity bill. However, this is not really good for health, to be honest. An empty refrigerator also indicates that the owner is way too busy to go for grocery shopping on a regular basis.


  1. Packed with convenience foods and frozen dinners:

When the fridge is compact with convenience food and frozen dinners it usually indicates that the owner is a single male or an extremely busy professional in the house. As a matter of fact, this indicates that the person owning the refrigerator is running in a time crunch and probably cannot have time to think or prepare a meal. (also read)


This kind of refrigerator is broadly seen in IT Professionals, who slogs and do not get time to prepare their meal and other busy professionals who tend to have outside fast food more than homemade meals.


  1. Filled with take-out containers and filled with drawers filled with soy packets:

This again indicates people who are extremely busy so that they don’t get the time to prepare their meals. However, it is to be noticed that they are rich enough to buy fast food and often eat outside, even more than the previous categories.

This itself is not a very good food habit either. Eating outside often can lead to stomach upset, obesity and various other diseases like food poisoning and so on.


  1. The refrigerator is stacked with labeled, organized meals:


When the refrigerator is stacked with labeled organizer meals, this clearly indicates that the person has a loving wife, or is organized himself. This also indicates indirectly that the person might be in the accountancy or engineering profession.

Because of this reason, they are extremely organized as a whole.

As a matter of fact, this can also mean that the refrigerator can belong to a dietician who has prepared meals for the week taking care of the calories and other nutritional requirements. This is also a clear indication of meal prepping method of dieting, where one can maintain a diet by preparing the meal for a stipulated time in a long duration.


  1. A refrigerator filled with expired items, sauces:

Now, this is really gross and unhealthy at the same time. Who would want a refrigerator filled with expired items, sauces and other food and beverages that are staling? However, some people actually do have this kind of refrigerator. In all and highest probability, the refrigerator isn’t even properly cleaned.

These people need a proper cleaning of the fridge and learn from others how to keep things completely organized altogether. It is very important after all to maintain good hygiene as long as the food is being concerned. As a matter of fact, hygiene and proper food habits come before anything else.


  1. A refrigerator full of fresh, green vegetables and fresh fruits:

When the refrigerator is filled with fresh, green vegetables and fruits, it means that the owner is not just organized but extremely health-conscious on the other hand, too.

Fresh, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits improve health and are extremely beneficial for the skin. It keeps the body clean and well-nourished from inside and outside. Hence, a person whose refrigerator is filled up with fresh, green vegetables and fruits maintains a good and healthy food habit altogether.


As a matter of fact, this also shows that the owner is regular in grocery and vegetable shopping too.

Thus, we have finally deduced the kind of personalities depending on the condition of the refrigerator. In conclusion, keep your fridge perfect to maintain good hygiene and a good (food) impression, what say?

Note: The article is written by Delhi’s best dietitian/Nutritionist from north Delhi.

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