The Japanese way of long and healthy life has been DECODED!

Well, Japan is one of those countries in which the expectancy of people is quite high. It has one of the lowest mortality rates in the whole world.

The Japanese Government had made a recommended food guide for the nation in the year 2005. Around a decade later findings were made by the National Centre for Global Health and medicine in Tokyo. Reports suggested a decreased mortality rate in such persons by 15 percent.

The study concluded that balanced consumption of energy, grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, soy products, dairy products, etc. contribute to the high life expectancy of people by decreasing the risk from various diseases especially cardiovascular diseases.

Well, the high life expectancy in Japan is a mixed result of a good diet, regular exercise and a healthy attitude to life, community and family. Let us know some of the many reasons which contribute to the high life expectancy of Japanese people.

  • “Japanese practice the method of concentrating magnificent energy of food into a compact and pleasurable size”. This is so well said by Naomi Moriyama.
  • Majority of the population in Japan live a stress-free life. This contributes to the good health of the Japanese people.
  • Japanese people tend to be more cheerful and joyful which is one of the secrets of their good health.
  • Japanese cuisine focus on variety rather than quantity. They tend to add a diverse range of food items in the plate. These different varieties contribute together to add quality to the
  • Japanese people enjoy a healthy environment. The low rate of crime plus high work ethic contributes to a stress-free life.
  • Some of the companies in Japan have a culture of conducting a yearly exam. Not only this, the employees are advised by the employers to lose weight, quit smoking and refrain from eating unhealthy food habits.
  • Japan has an extremely low birth rate which in turn leads to a high median age and a high percentage of old aged people. All these lead to high life expectancy in Japanese people.
  • Japanese have great healthcare facilities and so very few people die of any disease.
  • The healthy diet eaten by Japanese people is yet another contributing factor to the high life expectancy of Japanese people. For instance, whenever any Japanese eat fish, they eat heart-healthy fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

What is the secret behind the glowing skin of Japanese people?

The secret behind the glowing skin of Japanese people are-

  • Japanese diet contains plenty of Vitamin C which is considered very well for the health of the skin. Fruits rich in vitamin C deoxidize and break up In fact, it even removes pigmentation marks and makes skin fairer and clearer.
  • Japanese women use It is rubbed gently on the skin. It gives them a smooth and clear skin.
  • Japanese people eat fish in their diet which is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This promotes smooth and glowing skin in them.
  • Japanese people drink green tea too often. This helps to slow down the process of aging and makes you look young and beautiful.
  • Japanese people use turmeric to treat acne naturally.
  • Japanese people apply camellia which is ancient floral oil. This helps in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of aging.
  • Japanese people usually go for regular walks. This helps in tightening their skin and keeping it in good shape.
  • Japanese people undergo daily cleansing. They believe in the policy of double cleanse i.e., first of all, remove the makeup through appropriate product and then clean the dirt and impurities with another product.
  • Japanese people know the importance of protection from UV rays. This is the reason that they protect their skin from any harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Japanese people use mushroom both as food and as medicine. The property of mushroom to act as an antioxidant helps in improving the blood circulation of the skin and consequently, a fairer and clearer skin of the individuals.

After decoding the Japanese way of lifestyle, it becomes pertinent to note as to how it can be applied in the Indian context so as to reap maximum benefit out of it. This is not so difficult. Simply you need to adopt the dietary habits and lifestyle of individuals as followed in Japan. Moreover, the Government of India should take note of the work done by the Japanese government.

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