Issues/disease caused due to poor diet

Does your diet lack essential nutrients?

  What does a poor diet indicate?  

Generally, for us, a poor diet indicates about foodstuff low in essential nutrients required for the body. But actually, a poor diet starts from poor eating habits, under or overeating, palletizing your tongue to unhealthy and low nutritional foods to malnutrition. A poor diet can ruin our activeness and enthusiasm. It can affect our daily health and well-being. It enhances stress, tiredness, illness, and makes our body susceptible to various other health problems.

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You can’t only associate a bad or poor diet with belly fat or obesity. There are a couple more health issues and nutritional deficiencies associated with it. When you have a low dependency on milk and yogurt, you starve your body to vitamin D that makes your bone health brittle by decreasing the calcium uptake by the osteoblast cells or bone cells. This makes you prone to the risk of developing osteoporosis in later stages. Obesity is imperative to body balance. If in any way your metabolic balance of electrolytes or micronutrients deflects it can result in weight management issues.


Being skinny like a model

Eating disorders

Eating disorders can trigger the desire to grow thinner as a result of behavioral changes. The person pushes towards anorexia and bulimia like disorders. This disorder affects both the body and brain. There will be an urge for food and subsequently a trigger to purge. Being a nonvegetarian, you are likely to cut off on plant-based food products and thereby fibers. If you anyway cut down on pulses, grains, fruits, and vegetables, you are likely depriving your body to phytonutrients, fibers, and minerals which develops your risk to have chronic constipation. Your body gets 15 gm of fiber per day from your plant-based foodstuffs. Your body requires water; make sure you feed to high water fruits like watermelon or grapes as it acts as a good tactic to fibers.

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Type 2 Diabetes

If you have concentrated urine and your thirst receptor dumps you to have less water you are to probably skip the soda, coffee, and energy drinks. You have to depend on 12-16 cups of water as a direct source daily. Alcohol and poor diet correspond to the risk of having type 2 diabetes and the ride of developing breast cancer in females.


How to get rid of Abdominal Bloating and Abdominal pain?



Lifestyle factors like eating and exercise influence such chronic diseases. GERD, a dysfunction of the sphincter of esophagus and stomach, that pushes the food up to the esophagus. This creates a burning sensation, making the walls more fragile. This happens when you have less of vitamin A and B in your diet.


foods that will keep your heart healthy

Heart Diseases

When you palletize your tongue, you dine to processed and highly saturated fatty foods that increase the chances of developing plaques in arteries, a stroke or heart attack, atherosclerosis, etc. Diet to complex sugars or carbs as it takes time for their digestion making the process slow and accessible. Include fatty fish like salmon, cod, fish oil, walnuts and chia seeds to manage the Omega 3 fatty acid content, responsible for behavioral changes and mood swings. Omega3s are essential for managing depression and mood swings .even beans and lean meat, eggs, avocados, olive oil, and whole grains are a rich source. Iron and protein deficiencies can lead to damage of hair follicles leading to hair loss. Protein is even required for wound healing and repair which might take a long time to slough off.



NAFLD or NASH, known as the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is likely to develop due to the inconvenience choices of food. Anemia, low immune system, acne, poor dental health are some other major health problems due to poor diets. Red meat is a strict no. They increase the chances of having gout and inflammations in the joints being rich in purines. Peptic ulcers are even severe cases of having high levels of caffeine and smoking or drinking.

Not many people are aware that their diet is deficient in certain nutrients. Not many people go to nutritionist or dieticians for that matter. Curative health is still on the peak in India, people still don’t want to take preventive measures. A poor diet can drag you to a terrible health condition if not taken on the account. Make sure you adhere to a dietician who cans promptly advise you on your choices and make you dine to the sumptuous amounts of wholesome nutrients.

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