Vitamin D Deficiency

Is Your Vitamin-D deficiency making you Obese?

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling happy and healthy? As you know that in my previous blog, we talked about Vitamin B12 in detail. Now we will have a discussion on Vitamin-D. I will also tell you how Vitamin-D can make you obese. I hope you are getting your free consultation if you are having any of the problems mentioned in blogs. Readers who read my previous blog about vitamins know about Vitamin-D and its functions. Let me tell my new readers about that.

Vitamin-D and its Deficiency

So if you hide from the sun, suffer from milk allergies, stick to the vegan diet. Beware you may have Vitamin-D deficiency. Oops, it sounded just like a news channel. Jokes apart, Vitamin-D (the sunshine vitamin) is produced by the body in response to the body being exposed to the sun. It is also present naturally in fish, fish liver oils and yolks. Vitamin-D is necessary for strong bones as it helps to absorb calcium from the diet. Vitamin-D deficiency is linked to obesity. Obesity is a health issue, which is spreading worldwide. WHO states that body having BMI 0f 3okg or more. People who have excess body fat accumulated suffer from heart disease, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, cancer. We will discuss this later in detail. People having Vitamin-D deficiency suffer from bone pain and muscle weakness.

Cause of Vitamin-D deficiency

  • Not consuming the required amount of it- This happens mostly with vegetarian people. Vitamin-D natural sources are fish, liver oil, egg yolks est. that is inconsumable by vegans.
  • If your exposure to the sun is less- If you stay at the home or live in northern regions. You are more likely to suffer from this deficiency. Covering your face for numerous reasons can reduce your exposure to the sun.
  • If you are dark-toned- Dark toned people have a pigment called Melanin. It reduces the ability of skin to produce Vitamin-d when exposed to the sun.
  • Your kidney cannot transform Vitamin-D to its active form – As people get aged, their kidney’s ability to transform Vitamin-D into its active state reduces.
  • Your digestive system is not working efficiently- It may be the case that your body is not able to absorb Vitamin-D properly.
  • You are obese Vitamin D is extracted from the blood through the fat cell. People having obesity have low blood levels of Vitamin-D.
  • You are sunbathing or using sunscreen lotion- If you are sunbathing and using any sunscreen lotion, your Vitamin-D absorption will reduce.

Myths about Vitamin-D

Myth– Our body produce Vitamin D itself, sun exposure is not required.

Reality-This is not the full truth. Our body does produce Vitamin D but for its production, sunlight is required.

Myth– My office is having a window, so I will get Vitamin-D that way.

Reality– Hard reality is no. Glass filters out the UV rays necessary for producing Vitamin D.

Myth– I get enough Vitamin D from my food, as I am a Milk lover.

Reality– For getting enough Vitamin D just from food, you need to drink 10 glasses of it daily. I do not think you do that. Do you? Food should not be your sole source. You should also get natural sunlight along with food.

Myth-I goes to the beach a lot, I cannot be Vitamin-D Deficient.

Reality– Unless you are going to the beach every 10 am-2 pm. You are not getting Vitamin D in an adequate amount.

Myth-I need 600 IU of it per day and I will get it by taking that much amount of food rich in it

Reality– Everyone has a different body and you need to consult a dietician to know how much amount is required by you.

Role of Vitamin-D in Body

Immunity– Less sunlight leads to less Vitamin D and less immunity, which means more illness.

Bones– Vitamin- D is necessary for proper absorption of calcium. Vitamin D improves balance and prevents falling down.

Muscles-Vitamin D helps in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Hence it is necessary for stronger muscles.

Lungs– a Higher concentration of Vitamin D leads to higher lung benefits.

Heart– Lower is Vitamin D, higher is blood pressure. High Blood pressure leads to heart attacks.

Mood– Lower is Vitamin D, higher is your depression level. To stay in a good mood, have more Vitamin D.

Kidney-It plays a vital role in regulating kidney and treating kidney related diseases.

Role of Vitamin K2-7 present in Vitamin- D

  • It reduces the risk of Cancer.
  • It promotes good brain health.
  • People having more of it, have a longer life.
  • It helps in synthesizing Calcium properly.
  • It is promising for skin health and anti-aging

Vitamin-D and Obesity

Being deficient in Vitamin-D can lead to obesity. Studies prove that for every 4.2 % drop in blood levels of Vitamin D, there will be an increase in 10%BMI. I hope you know what BMI is. BMI is a measure of body fat based on its height and weight. Obese individuals are more likely to get deficient of Vitamin-D. If you increase your Vitamin-D intake, your BMI will reduce. However, people in India are getting more and more skin conscious. Due to fear of Skin Cancer, people use sunblock lotions, wear sunblock clothes and avoid the sun. Vitamin D is the most difficult nutrient to be filled up in the required amount by the body. Many studies show that Vitamin-D help in losing weight. The reason Vitamin-D has its effect on body weight is that it affects the storage of fats. It also has an effect on the production of fat cells. It is a hormone that affects other hormones like testosterone, which is related to body fat. High levels of Vitamin-D cause an increase in testosterone. According to a theory, if you were better nourished, it would help in losing weight. There are more than 35% of people who have obesity because of Vitamin-D deficiency.

Dietician’s advice

  • Our dieticians recommend that people should get a nutritionally adequate diet.
  • We should take Vitamin D in an adequate amount

Food like-

  • Cod liver oil at least 1 tsp a day.
  • Orange juice, 1 cup in a day.
  • Milk, 1 cup in a day.
  • One large egg in a day.
  • Cheese

So if you are deficient of Vitamin D, Contact us before it leads to obesity. For more healthy tips, stay tuned. Till then be healthy and happy.

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