Is Namkeen a Healthy Snack for you?

Is Namkeens Good For You?

We are all fond of delicacies, sweets, and fast food. The stomach growls for Samosas, Namkeens, Pakodas in the evening. As a matter of fact, from little children to even adults, spicy and tasty Namkeens are our favorite. Dipped in sauce and served with cold drinks, Namkeens are indeed a great spice to serve our stomach and fulfill our cravings. Namkeens, as a matter of fact, are the salty foods, even the packeted chips, like Kurkure, Lays and so on.

However, how many times do we think of how healthy Namkeens are for the body? Is it at all good for our health? Are we adapting to the regular consumption of it? Here are some of the health effects of Namkeens.


Health effects of Namkeens

Increased salt levels increase in blood pressure
  1. Namkeens are full of salt: Now, as far as Namkeens are considered, the name itself speaks volumes about it. Namkeens are usually salty food, which also includes the chips packet and readily available bhajis. As we all know, the overconsumption of salt is harmful. It alters the saltwater balance in the body.


  1. Edema or water retention: The consumption of Namkeens in excess can cause water retention or edema in the body. The kidneys tend to store more water than normal and hence this alters the level of electrolytes in the body.


This can result in visible swelling of hands, feet, arms, and ankles. This phenomenon is termed as Edema. The eyes may tend to look puffier than normal.


  1. Dehydration

    : Contrary to our beliefs, excessive consumption of Namkeens can also lead to Dehydration. The reason behind this, after consuming Namkeens, which is nothing but excessive salts, the salts tend to adhere to the water molecules and tend to absorb water.


If there is no proper water intake after having Namkeens, the body tends to take up water from the cells present in the body. This results in acute dehydration. The symptoms include nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.  This also explains the reason why one tends to feel thirsty after having Namkeens.

High salt consumption hampers kidney


  1. Increase in the risk of diseases of the kidney: There is a marked increase in risk in the diseases of the kidney. Because Namkeens contains a lot of salts, out of which Sodium salts are also present in a huge amount, the kidney needs to maintain a balance in the water and salt level.


The kidney is a vital organ that has to take charge of the regulation of the electrolyte level in our blood. It becomes difficult for the kidney to keep a proper balance of expelling sodium from urine as well as maintain hydration. Hence, this increases the risk of kidney diseases. There is a marked increase in the risk of formation of kidney stones.


  1. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the phenomenon of loss of Calcium from the body. Due to an increased level of urination, more amount of calcium is lost from the blood. As a result, bones and teeth can become weak. Consequently, this results in Osteoporosis.


  1. Cancer and Stomach Ulcer: The risk of stomach ulcers and cancer increases almost exponentially by the consumption of Namkeens. The sodium present in the Namkeens causes immense damage to the inner mucous lining of the stomach. This results in stomach ulcers. Untreated ulcer leads to fatal diseases like Cancer.


  1. Obesity: Namkeens contains a lot of calories. Because Namkeens are delicacies and tastes oh so good, we tend to intake them, to overcome boredom too.

As a matter of fact, an average American intakes a calorie of 600  unit calorific value per day. Now isn’t that terrific? Namkeens can cause obesity and obesity-related chronic disorders like cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders.


  1. Increase in triglyceride levels

    : An increased consumption of snacks like Namkeens can cause a remarkable increase in the triglyceride levels of our body. It can also lead to a decrease in health-promoting and health-enhancing HDL cholesterol, which is altogether harmful to health.


9.Tooth Decay: Namkeens that are rich in carbohydrates can also result in tooth decay. This is due to the fact that the sugar present in the carbohydrate builds a home for the carbohydrate.


Hence, we can conclude that Namkeens aren’t healthy. However, if taken in moderate amounts, indulging in Namkeens isn’t harmful.


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