Is having mutton/red meat good for health?

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We have harbored a stigma of considering non-vegetarian food as the reason for all major health problems. Before eliminating nonveg from our diet we must realize how effectively it helps to stabilize and to immunize our body.

Red meat curry

Meat can be of two types, red meat, and white meat.  The meat we prefer for sandwiches, rolls, burgers are the white ones i.e. chicken and turkey by default. They have low fat and high protein so we consider them healthier to mutton or red meat. But not all red meat is harmful when consumed in the required amount and the required flavors are nutritious. Indian cuisine offers oil and heavy spices which however diminishes the nutritional value of red meat. Before discussing on mutton we must know what and who’s meat is it, the sheep/lamb meat Is mutton and goat meat is chevon. In India, we consider both goat and sheep meat as mutton. But the sheep meat has high calorie and fat with poor nutritional values, whereas the one obtained from goat has high protein and vitamins to provide the body with essentiality.

Benefits of Goat Meat

Goat meat is the healthiest meat. It would be jaw-dropping to know that mutton helps you reduce weight. Being rich in proteins and unsaturated fats when consumed makes stomach full reducing food cravings and thus helps maintain weight. It is given to pregnant women for protecting the fetus from anemia and reducing birth defects in babies.


Being rich in iron, (3.8 gm / 100 gm serving) augments hemoglobin levels maintaining the quality of blood. On a comparison, white meat has an iron content of 1.7gm /. 100 gm and other red meats like beef and pork have a 3.4-3.1g /100gm iron index. Being a storehouse of iron it even emphasizes menstrual pain treatment effectively reducing inflammations and internal infections. Its nutritional superiority is prominent due to its high protein and vitamin occupancy.

Vitamins rich

Vitamin B12, vitamin B2 which helps burn fat. It would be astonishing to know that mutton manages heart health. Having high unsaturated fats it increases the HDL and eliminates LDL thereby reducing the cholesterol. It also effectively heals inflammations and atrial blockage stabilizing heart rhythms. It also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases. Micronutrients like selenium and chlorine in the mutton act as a guard to cancer.

Helps you satiate

The most alarming disease now is diabetes. As it maintains the cholesterol levels, similarly it maintains the blood sugar level. Once week mutton will help avoid type ll diabetes. It works wonders with brain health. Twice week mutton keeps the brain cells active and stimulates the memory power. Mutton once a week in a requisite amount energizes the metabolism as it has niacin in them. Omega -3- fatty acid is high ensuring good body health. Protein found in mutton has hunger suppressing agents that prevalently manages the craving and diet. Vitamin B12 not only tones up the skin making it light and shiny but also calms the mind relieving depression. Mutton inorganic is a rich source of calcium that ensures bone and teeth health. Once a month, the consumption of 100gm of mutton aids the process of aging by enhancing the production of new cells faster.

Thyroid Health

It ensures thyroid health, which regulates the endocrine and exocrine functions of the body. 3-4 times mutton a week can help men with infertility and premature ejaculation issues. Mutton has torpedo and bile which gives a new lease of enthusiasm and power inside. Having a mutton platter with rice 3 times a week will replenish the body with niacin, improving metabolism. High vitamin, minerals, and protein helped build resistance supporting and strengthening the immune system. Also, read the thyroid diet plan for females.



A plate of mutton and cooked rice is sufficient for a warming appetite, provided they are less in oil and spices. We do not need a ride variety of food to get various nutrients from various sources. A mutton platter serves you vitamin B, E, K, natural fats, Omega -6-fatty acid, Omega -3-fatty acid, zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, electrolytes, cholesterol. Mutton is healthier red meat, much healthier than chicken and turkey. For an appetite dependent person mutton once every 15 days will cause no hazards.


It is advisable to check yourself for allergy fist as some people are allergic to red meat. So, if you are allergic to red meat then you must consult with a dietician/nutritionist for allergy management. Once your body is acclimatized you can enjoy red meat as such as you can.

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