Is Mayonnaise good in my Diet Plan?

Is Mayonnaise good in my Diet Plan?

‘Mayonnaise’- the word itself intrigues a sense of delicacy in our mouth. From the mouth-watering sandwich to the burger, mayonnaise changes the taste of food, just to make it all the better. Mayonnaise in all flavors and forms cheese to almond adds spice in our food and brings mouth-watering taste.

Why would you not have Mayonnaise in your diet? Should you have Mayonnaise or not? Talking about its calorific value, Mayonnaise when taken in one tablespoon has a calorific value of 90 and though it is high in fat, the fat is unsaturated. As we know unsaturated fat is healthier than saturated fat which causes obesity. Now the question is how much mayonnaise should you intake? 90 calories are just fine, which is a tablespoon. However, it might cause problems if you have more Mayonnaise as it will cause a gain in weight.


Mayonnaise has several disadvantages apart from its calorific value. Some of them are listed as below:


  1. Presence of Omega 6 fats: Mayonnaise contains omega 6 fats, in the very first place. Though omega 6 fats are beneficial, however, the ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 is to be maintained properly. Due to the overuse of mayonnaise, people, especially the Americans tend to have more omega 6 fats, than omega 3. Hence the ratio is altered, resulting in an increase of risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, some form of cancers, Type 2 diabetes. In addition, it can also cause autoimmune disorders, for example, rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory diseases.


  1. Presence of artificial ingredients: In addition to omega 6 fats, artificial 6 fats, other artificial ingredients, flavoring agents, preservatives, additives like MSG(Monosodium Glutamate), etc can be present. Preservatives have such effect that it lasts for months in the fridge while a homemade mayonnaise can last for a maximum a week. The food consumed can cause nausea, weakness, headache in individuals.


  1. High sugar content: Mayonnaise has high sugar content, that is, as much as 1 gram of sugar per tablespoon. Then again, low-fat mayonnaise is equally harmful and is not even a wiser choice. This is because of higher sugar content in low-fat mayonnaise. It contains 4 grams of sugar per tablespoon.


  1. Increase in oil content: Mayonnaise increases the oil content by 40 percent in every food it is present in. As a matter of fact, the increase in oil content can cause obesity, cholesterol and so on.


  1. Problems in pregnancy: A pregnant woman should abstain from Mayonnaise. During pregnancy, it is advised that the pregnant woman should gain some weight. However, it is also important, that the woman should not be overweight. This decreases the space for the baby to grow. Now, the fact is Mayonnaise increases the cravings of a woman. As a consequence, the woman tends to have more junk food and become overweight, which is unhealthy for the baby, and the mother, altogether.


  1. Increase in Cholesterol: The omega 6 fats and oil causes an increase in cholesterol by the consumption of Mayonnaise. Now, an increase in cholesterol can reduce the energy level in your body which in turn, will tend to make you lazy and inactive. This is a serious problem and can trigger more diseases in turn. The increase in cholesterol is due to the presence of fatty acids in Mayonnaise.


  1. Pain in Ulcers: Individuals suffering from ulcers should stay away from Mayonnaise. The Omega 6 fats presence in Mayonnaise causes an increased inflammation of ulcers, which is painful. As a result, Mayonnaise should be effectively avoided.


  1. Bad for Diahorrea: When an individual suffers from Diahorrea, it is best to stay away from food like Mayonnaise as it is oily in nature. As a matter of fact, Mayonnaise doesn’t let the tummy bind, because of its oily nature and consequently, Diahorrea doesn’t get cured.


  1. Worsens Gastritis: Mayonnaise worsens Gastritis. Patients suffering from Gastritis should stay away from Mayonnaise. As a fact, the sodium present in Mayonnaise causes the linings of the stomach to burn. As a result, the consumption of Mayonnaise can cause stomach infections as well as diseases like heartburn.


As it is evident from the discussion, Mayonnaise contains fats, oils, sodium and such ingredients that cause diseases. Consult with a Dietitian or Nutritionist to add to subtract anything from your diet plan. Hence, one should keep a limit over the consumption of Mayonnaise. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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