Is Frozen Food the best Meal Prep method?

Meal prepping is one of the best methods for maintaining our diet. Not just that, meal prepping can be beneficial to save the food at the end of a hard day at work. You don’t need to cook as the meal is already prepared. Your burden of cooking within a time limit is somehow released to some extent.


However, there are many methods in which you can perform meal prepping. Often we cook the food and freeze it. Freezing is sometimes frequently practiced for meal prepping. There are many disadvantages to this method.


Some of the disadvantages of meal prepping by using the method of frozen food are as follows:


  1. It increases diabetes: Though it might seem absolutely unrealistic, frozen food can be a source of the cause of diabetes.

Frozen food can be kept fresh with the help of starch. Starch can also be used as a flavoring agent here. The starch present in the food during freezing increases the taste and improves the texture of food.


However, it is to be noted starch is nothing but a polymer which is a chain of glucose. This polymer of glucose is converted to sugar in our bodies. This is done even before digestion.  As a consequence, this can cause an increase in diabetes and thereby damaging the body tissues.


As a matter of fact, if diabetes runs in your family, it is advisable for you to avoid having frozen food, as this will increase the chance of diabetes.


  1. Raises the chance of an increase in blood pressure: The consumption of frozen food raises the chance of an increase in blood pressure. As a matter of fact, the preservatives present in frozen food are responsible for this. Frozen food usually contains high amounts of sugar and salt, which in turn increases the blood pressure and can cause random spikes – which can be the introduction to further complicated problems like hypertension.


Salt helps in determining the levels of blood pressure. The increase in the amount of salt consumption negatively affects blood pressure by increasing blood pressure while the decrease can also cause blood pressure to fall. Hence, frozen food should be consumed in the right amount to maintain a proper balance of salt.


  1. Increase in risk of heart disease: The risk of heart disease also increase by the consumption of frozen food. Trans fats present in frozen food can increase the risk of heart disease at an exponential rate. In addition, it can also cause the arteries to be clogged.

Basically, Trans fats lower the levels of good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein and increase the levels of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein. This finally causes an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Raises the risk of cancer: The consumption of frozen food can cause an increase in the risk of cancer. It is a well-researched fact that the consumption of frozen food like meat can cause pancreatic cancer. In fact, having sausages or hot dogs that are frozen can cause an increase in the risk of cancer by as far as even more than 67 %.

Corn syrup, which is itself made up of glucose is a carcinogenic substance itself. Other substances like Acrylamide are also carcinogenic in nature and in profoundly found in frozen food.


  1. Filled with fats and calories: Frozen foods are filled with fats and calories which make the body obese and completely waste the effort that is put into meal prepping for the purpose of dieting altogether. As a whole, frozen food poses a huge amount of problems.

Frozen food is full of fats and because fats contribute twice the calories than carbohydrates or proteins, the consumption of frozen food already makes one fill the diet with fats.

According to the publication of ‘Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010’, one should not consume more than 20 to 30 percent of calories must come from fat, itself. This is highly harmful to health.


On the conclusion, it is correct to say that though frozen foods are involved with a lot of superficial benefits such as keeping the food fresh, there are a lot of disadvantages that one must consider while dealing with them and eat them keeping the disadvantages in mind. Contact a dietitian to know better ways to cook and meal prep ways as they can customize meals as per your routine. Do not forget to ask for your free BMI calculation.




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