INTERMITTENT FASTING : One of the best ways to help weight loss



Intermittent fasting has become the deal of the day, especially for people aiming for the best ways to help weight loss. Science agrees that apart from a good amount of daily physical routines, a proper diet is another must for initiating weight loss. This way of eating involves regular fasts in a short period of time.

Science had deduced that this type of fasting helps people eat fewer calories and also helps to maintain hormonal stability. Thus intermittent fasting has been declared as an effective way to initiate belly fat and weight loss. All these things help to initiate weight reduction mechanisms in the body. However, the common necessity is that during non-fast periods, you shouldn’t eat as if to compensate for your diet on fast days. This is because they nullify or even outweigh the already successful effects of the fasting mechanism.

There are several methods of intermittent fasting namely the 16/8 method, eat-stop-eat and the 5:2 diet.

Let us now study the mechanism of this fasting in detail.

First of all, let us discuss its effects on hormones. All of us know how necessary a moderate amount of body fat is. It helps to keep the body strong in times of distress since it switches the stored fat as fuel for the body functions in times when food is not available. Thus, fasting puts the body in a similar state and thus the extra fat stored in the body is used to initiate the metabolic system activity and make the necessary hormones accessible.

Insulin is the foremost discussion since as we eat food, the insulin production enhances and if our body is even a bit slow at fighting insulin it leads to excess amount of insulin in the blood and studies indicate that the more insulin is found present in the human body, the slower and more difficult is it to process fat burning.

Some studies also emphasize that fasting helps to boost the Growth Hormones in our body This hormone definitely helps to emphasize the fat loss and burning mechanisms in the human body. Thus, it is another positive effect of intermittent fasting.

Also, norepinephrine or noradrenaline, something we know less about is a nervous system hormone which helps in facilitating the burning of fat and helps to break the fat cells into free fatty acids which can be further burned for energy.

Many studies indicate that the fasting process boosts metabolism rather effectively and helps in reducing calories and facilitating weight loss. The belly fat, which is the most dreadful and harmful form of fat in the body is also seen to be fought against through this process of fasting. Fasting is not a bad idea always, as is much argued against it by calling it another way of starving. However, the newest studies have shown that fasting is not as bad as it seems to be, it is a good way to give some break to the body mechanisms.

Other effects are good health and metabolism and prevention of chronic diseases and decreasing mortality rates.

The other important reason people may prefer it is because it doesn’t decrease muscular weight it actually acts on the fat components of our body. Thus, proper dieting can actually help you to get better at weight loss too. It goes in coherence with the standard calorie restriction.

This type of fasting helps to maintain the healthier aspects of dieting. It helps you to stick to the natural healthy routine and has effective long term effects. The important tips to keep in mind are the food quality, calorie intake in real terms and the consistency because it is not a one-day work after all. Have patience because the body needs to be consistent and has to be waited upon to get the results effectively. Being regular and dedicated is important and strength training should be coupled with it to get maximum results. However, the last note is that everyone’s body type is different and this method may be highly beneficial for many people not necessarily for all.

Finally, we can say that intermittent fasting helps us detox the body, help us lose weight without having to lose muscle mass. It boosts metabolism and it is the most healthier way of dieting.

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