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Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes

Hey Readers! Feeling Healthier and Happier? Today my blog is especially for diabetic patients. Wait, closing it? What if you are unknown to the fact that you too are one of them? Now the first question in your mind is what is Insulin Resistance? Told you, I am a good anticipatory. Insulin Resistance is a name given to cells, which do not respond properly to a hormone called insulin. Insulin Resistance is closely related to obesity. But it doesn’t mean that one with insulin resistance will be over-weighted. You can reduce insulin resistance by taking low-carbohydrates and Keto-diet. Ok, another question is that what role does Insulin play in our body? Friends, Insulin allows the cells of the body to take in the glucose to be used as a fuel. People who have insulin resistance produce more insulin than healthy people do and that is known as hyperinsulinemia. Now let us go through insulin resistance in detail than we will talk about Type-2 Diabetes. Read more on the best & worst food for diabetes.

Are you suffering from Insulin Resistance?

Initially, you will see no change in yourself but when your blood sugar level will rise then you will notice some changes in your body. Those changes are-

  • Tiredness
  • Hunger
  • Brain Fog
  • Belly Fat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol

If Insulin Resistance develops into pre-diabetes or Type-2 Diabetes, you will notice increased blood glucose level and symptoms of Type-2 Diabetes.

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

Let’s go through these points and say a big No to them.

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Taking a high-calorie diet, high- carbonate or high- sugar diet.
  • No or Less Physical Activity
  • Taking a high dose of steroids
  • Taking stress
  • Suffering from PCOD

Now, Let’s Talk about Type-2 Diabetes.

What is Type-2 Diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes starts developing in cells, which have Insulin Resistance. When more and more cells are becoming Insulin Resistant, it causes a high blood sugar level. This condition is marked ad Pre-diabetes. Eventually, after years of Insulin Resistance and Pre-diabetes, Type-2 Diabetes is an end result. However, why we should let this happen? We should have control of Insulin Resistance so that it does not develop into Type-2 Diabetes.

What Causes Type-2 Diabetes?

  • Sleep- Having a good and sound sleep is necessary for a healthy individual and many of us do not get enough of it. Studies suggest that less of normal sleep leads to Type-2 diabetes.
  • Physical Activity- With new technology our work is becoming easy and making us do less physical activities. Children are being more interested in surfing online than playing outside. Children do not play outside in free time and Adults are hampered with work stress. So you are welcoming diseases in your body. Try to take out tome for these things too.
  • Nutrition and Fast food- Studies have suggested that society is facing a nutrition transition by adopting a western culture, which leads to an increase in the rate of obesity and Type-2 Diabetes.

Are you suffering from Type-2 Diabetes?

Check on these points and get an appointment from the doctor as early as possible.

  • Faster Plasma Sugar Level >126 mg/dl. For testing it, you should only have water before 12 hours of the test.
  • A1 C test measures hemoglobin having sugar molecules attached to it. If its level is greater than 6.5%, you are suffering from Type-2 Diabetes.

Complications of Type-2 Diabetes

This section will tell you what diseases you will suffer from because of Type-2 Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular diseases- It includes the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, narrowing of arteries.
  • Nerve Damage- It occurs in legs and feet of individuals having Type-2 Diabetes. The pain, numbness can extend to hands and fingers too.
  • Kidney Damage- High level of glucose damage nephrons (tiny filtering units that kidney is made of )
  • Damage to Eye Retina- It will increase the risk of glaucoma and cataracts.
  • Increased risk of infections and poor healing.
  • Hearing Loss.
  • An increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Diet and Nutrition for Type-2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

We have different diets out there to control diabetes but the best results are obtained from whole food s such as whole grains, beans, vegetables that are high in protein, nutrients and healthy fats. High-quality protein can include lean meats and fish as well as some dairy products. Added sugar should be completely avoided. Diet with complex carbohydrates should be taken like stick to unprocessed food such as brown rice, whole grains, beans, and vegetables. Fresh fruit is also included in it. Complex carbohydrates release sugar more slowly and in a more controlled manner. Follow a rule of thumb to avoid “white foods” because they are processed like white bread, rice, and pasta. Eat a variety of colored fruits like berries and vegetables. Also, include nuts and seeds in your diet to have more healthy fats.  For avoiding Insulin Resistance, have low-carbohydrate and Keto-Diets. Eat very Low-Calorie food. A Lot of healthy food and some exercise can cure it in the best way.

Thank you all for reading it. Hope you will start eating healthy so that you never ever get any of these diseases but always consult a Dietician for customized plans, as they are skilled experts of the Nutrition requirements of the individual. Never ever, follow things without consulting.  Stay tuned for more health tips until then be happy and healthy.

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