Importance of Good Nutrition at the Workplace

In the twenty-first century, the lifestyle of individuals has progressed remarkably. In today’s world, we are self-sufficient and grow up to be independent, financially and otherwise. The fast development has yielded to recruitment, jobs and men and woman run the society and its balance at par. Nowadays, men and women strive for success equally. With all their desire for success, the development and strengthening of workplace morale, the longevity of workplace hours, also increases.


It is very important for the employees and employers to receive and provide good nutrition at the workplace. Due to the huge amount of time, an employee spends in his or her workplace, it is important to receive good nutrition. Whether it is a call center, corporate work, or business, the morale of an employee can be boosted and profit can be yielded if proper nutrition is provided.


The benefits of good nutrition at the workplace


There are numerous benefits of good nutrition in the workplace. The following discussion will highlight some of the numerous benefits.


  1. Productivities are increased: Simply put, with the increase in nutrients, the amount of productivity also increases. Better nutrition, better productivity. With the increase in nutrition, the amount of energy will increase, and the moral will also be boosted which will automatically boost productivity.


  1. Increased job satisfaction: When the employer tends to go beyond and takes extra measures to maintain the nutrition of the employee, the employees become more content with the workplace. This builds a stronger and healthier relationship between the employee and employer and hence job satisfaction also gradually increases.


3. Fewer absentees: When one receives proper nutrition in food, the chances to fall sick decreases. This is because a lot of health issues are intimately related to the quality of food that we intake. Greater the nutritional value of food, better it is for the health and this would also help one to reduce the consumption of fast food, which in turn reduces stomach related diseases. Hence, the number of absentees gradually decreases.


  1. Increase in energy level: It is an evident and known fact that greater the quality of food, greater the nutrition, better is the energy level. Once the bodily necessity like the need of hunger, the need for proper nutrition is meted out, we tend to become more active. Also, a proper balance of diet and healthy nutrition also increases the energy levels by fuelling our body.


  1. Reduction in heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases: A very crucial danger that today’s generation faces is cardiovascular diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and so on. This is not just dangerous but can prove to be fatal too. Diseases like diabetes, cholesterol are present on average 5 in 10 humans. However, not just this, improper nutrition can also lead to heart diseases, artery blockage, thickening of blood vessels. Hence, by providing proper nutrition at the workplace, the risk of heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases decreases.


We have effectively discussed that good nutrition is a necessity at the workplace. However, implementing this is not very easy. Some of the steps to follow in order to implement good nutrition at the workplace are as follows:


  1. 1. Bring the whole team together: In order to obtain information and take care of workplace nutrition, team members need to be present together, in order to discuss the most recent problems, health issues of individuals and hence building a comfortable food zone.


  1. Ensure healthy drinking and eating: Most offices and workplaces have canteens and places for relaxation that provide comfort food. However, you must keep in mind, that the comfort food should not have too much oil or fat. The food served at the canteen must be healthy and fresh.


  1. Develop of nutritional balance chart: The most important and needed step in this method is to build a balanced chart for the employees. In this chart, one must list down the number of calories present in the food served and the ideal amount of calories one should take on the basis of weight, metabolism and so on.


Perhaps the most important factor in this whole procedure is to be really enthusiastic and willing enough for the development and maintenance of good nutrition in the workplace. Getting a seminar conducted by a Dietitian to create awareness about diet or getting the free BMI calculation for employees can be a good step by the employer to ensure the fitness of the employees. Where there is a will, there is a way.  This will help to build a good rapport among fellow colleagues and juniors also will develop the working condition of employees.

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