Hypertension… Does age matter?

Hypertension… Does age matter?

Hypertension or usually high blood pressure is a situation in which blood flows at a higher rate than normal, where the pressure of blood in the arteries is persistently elevated. Long-term hypertension leads to dementia, chronic kidney disease, vision loss, stroke, heart failure. Blood pressure is usually measured by two kinds of pressures namely systolic and diastolic where systolic means maximum and diastolic mean minimum. During this condition, the blood pressure of an average human is 130/90-140/90 quite a bit higher than the regular pressure of 120/80. Learn how hypertension can be a silent killer?

Types of Hypertension

It is two types,

  1. Primary high blood pressure
  2. Secondary high blood pressure

90% of the cases are primary, which is caused due to unspecified lifestyle; the rest of 10% is due to endocrine diseases and excess use of birth control pills.

How to control Hypertension?

  • Changes in lifestyle should be the initial approach to hypertension management and include dietary interventions (reducing salt, alcohol avoidance and diet control), weight reduction, physical exercise, stress management, tobacco avoidance.
  • People nowadays become addicted to the modern lifestyle and forgo eating veggies and intake a lot of junk food without having control over diet, due to this the fat gets accumulated around the heart blocking the arteries increasing the blood pressure.
  • Excess consumption of salt is a hazard too, per day a specified amount of 3.75-6 gms should be consumed but in an Indian family since salt is a part of every food consumed it should be used as per regulations.
  • Physical exercises such as walking, jogging help to control the management of blood flow in arteries.
  • Being a slave to modern pub culture most of the youth these days are becoming addicted to alcohol intake, the ethanol in it is non-advisable for breathing as well as in taking in excess amounts.
  • Tobacco is also assumed a part of posh culture making the teens especially addicted to it clogging their lungs.
  • Stress can occur in any form for a student it in the form of exams, for an employee it is in the form of work, it can take any form and overwhelms. Management of stress can be done through yoga and meditation.

Any of the above reasons can make a person a victim of the silent killer named “hypertension.”

Does age matter?

  1. No, age never matters for being a victim of hypertension.
  2. Children and adults need to manage their stress.
  3. Not having excess junk food.
  4. Physical exercise to be made as a part of the school.
  5. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco intake.
  6. Reduced usage of salt.

Age is never a reason for high BP because children these days are more obese than adults are; excess intake of salt is also a reason for children to get high Blood Pressure.

Alcohol should be banned to the maximum to avoid people consuming it, these days people of every age above 19 are consuming it irrespective of their gender due to the false indications given from movies and shows. It may be a part of the diet in western countries due to their tough and cold weather but in tropical countries like India, its usage is inadvisable.

  • Salt consumption should be made minimal, reduce the salt a bit low for each day while cooking might help to reduce overall salt level after certain days at least.
  • Reduced tobacco usage helps in better lungs and less cough.

Management of Stress

  • Diet and Exercise.
  • Intake of a healthy diet and regular exercise help in stress management.
  • Meditation and physical relaxation
  • Meditation is an exercise for mental health; it lessens our stress levels and manages it.
  • .Build resilience.

Resilience is the state of being adaptable to changes in the environment. One should make oneself comfortable with all kinds of surroundings. A minimum sleep of eight hours is necessary for every human being.

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