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How Unhealthy Diet Is Badly Affecting Your Brain.

Unhealthy Diet

The brain is one of the most vital organs of the body. It is responsible for performing some of the major functions of the body. This is the main reason why the brain should be keep in a healthy condition. In this modern era, food has an impact on various parts of the body. In this connection, the effect of unhealthy diet on the brain has grabbed attention. Many of the unhealthy food habits are a cause of serious brain issues. Let us discuss these unhealthy diets in detail.


There are two types of impact of alcohol consumption on the brain. The first one being problems in the course of drinking and the second one is the effect on the brain due to prolonged consumption of alcohol. In the first category, people may have trouble in walking, blurred vision, slow rate of reaction, memory impairment etc. On the other hand, the persistent consumption of alcohol may result in severe health ailments like Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, loss of memory, dementia etc.


Aspartame is a kind of artificial sweetener. It is about 200 times sweeter than sugar, so, its main use is to avoid much consumption of sugar. Studies and researches have indicated that there are many types of neurological and behavioral disturbances in human beings because of their consumption. Headaches, insomnia, seizures etc. are quite common effects of Aspartame consumption. In fact, the long consumption of Aspartame might lead to severe mental disorder. One more thing is to be noted, Aspartame is composed of phenylalanine, methanol and aspartic acid. Phenylalanine can sometimes disrupt the formation or reproduction of neurotransmitters by blocking the blood-brain link.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks like soda, fruit juice, cold drinks etc. contain a lot of sugar in them. This heavy sugar is not only harmful to the heart but also for the brain (see what should be the effective diet during cancer). In fact, the composition of these drinks is structured in such a way so as to lead to a number of health problems. The percentage of fructose in such drinks is more than approximately 50% of its total content. The high percentage of fructose is a source of many metabolic syndromes. These metabolic syndromes result in dementia in the end.

Fast Foods 

The harmful effects of fast foods are many, one of them being the bad effect on the brain. As noted, these fast foods are devoid of many nutrients, which are necessary for the healthy growth of the body. Since the demand for nutrients is not met out, it hampers the functioning of the brain. In fact, eating too much of fast foods is bound to affect the normal functioning of Synapses perform the role of handling learning and memory issues and too much of calories obtained from these foods are not good for them. Not simply this, but fast foods have a tendency to interfere with the working of neurotransmitters which are responsible for the happiness and well-being of the body.

Junk Foods

The consumption of junk foods is associated with too many health risks. The high level of insulin because of high consumption of junk foods is very detrimental to the brain as it hampers the ability to respond to hormones. When the brain is no longer able to respond to hormones, the thinking ability and memory capability of the brain is hampered. The excessive consumption of junk foods is related to the occurrence of a condition called neuroinflammation, which in turn can lead to a series of inflammation in the brain and ultimately damaging neurons. Junk foods do not simply damage neurons, but they even restrict the growth of more neurons. Apart from all these, one of the biggest shortcomings of these foods is that they grab your attention and make you impulsive. In fact, once it is consumed there are high chances that you want more of them. This is because of the release of the chemical called dopamine. It results in a kind of vicious circle, i.e., once you enter into it there is no getting out.

How to Find Solutions to These Problems…?

Well, you have already been acquainted with the various diets, which have a tendency to affect your brain very badly. Nevertheless, as every problem has a solution. This situation needs to be tackled. The best possible solution in this connection is resorting to healthy food habits. Adopting a very rigid standard in this regard would not be good, as the requirement and capacity of every individual are different. Therefore, it is better to discuss some of those good foods, which make the brain happy and healthy. This are-

Fatty Fish
Dark Chocolate
Pumpkin seeds
Pomegranate juice
Whole Grains
these are some of the best foods for the healthy functioning of the brain. Apart from this, regular exercising and meditation should also be added to the list. When all these steps are properly implemented, the brain will always feel happy and healthy.

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Your blog is very eye opening. It made me realize that i was snacking on the wrong food items. Loved the content.