How to lose weight without having supplements?         

Why supplements are bad for weight loss                                     

Orally taken nutritional replacements containing herbs, nutrients and ingredients of ordinary diet along with Amino acids and vitamins constitute a supplement. If you ever had a watch to your TV after 12 am you can probably come across adds promising weight loss pills and syrups they, however, seem magical and promising by claiming more without clinical research.

People are more obsessed with the idea of staying fit rather than actually being healthy. They have a strong desire to lose weight and look fit, so they ignore the hidden danger behind the label. Supplements are beneficial in case of deficiency or loss of nutrients, but they do not assure results say FDA. Relaying on a supplement without a legitimate medical reason may cause harm

The principle behind the action of weight loss supplements is the process of thermogenesis, where certain primary ingredient of a pill like caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to burn fat. They have 2 major mode of action one is the fat trapper and other the fat burner. Fat trapper pills contain chitosan as the primary ingredient. Chitosan is extracted from the shell of shrimps and crabs having a high binding affinity to fats, not letting them get digested and assimilated. But the danger is that when it gets into the body’s ability to absorb fat it prohibits the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin A and D and disease-fighting photo chemicals.

The other mode of action being fat burner is a combination of herb stimulant and essential fatty acids like pyruvate. Herb stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine, when combined to aspirin, make one stack of a pill. They provide enigma by burning fat, provided you are on a regular exercise. But it has been occupied by high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and stroke. People who were obsessed with the very concept of weight loss neglect their eating disorders. People with anorexia or bulimia likely tend to abuse supplements. They intend to take more of supplements than the required amount or combine a multiple weight loss stimulant to lose more weight.

Combinations of supplements with foods like cocaine aren’t the required dietary recommendation to lose weight and this might be fatal by raising the blood pressure and leading to stroke.  People monitoring their health on supplements have an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, agitation, sleeplessness, rectal bleeding, liver damage, kidney problems, and diarrhea. The fat blocking supplements added to laxatives or diuretics cause diarrhea leading to loose of electrolytes and fluid.   TheFAD grants legal that no company has to prove their success for weight loss product and that they are not scientifically approved

Some commonly known weight loss pills like ephedra and Hydroxycut are banned because of their health hazards causing stroke and affecting vital organs like liver and kidney. Supplements are a strict no to people with eating disorders. This could be fatal and life-threatening too.

People should understand to consult a Health Care professional before accepting a particular supplement without knowing its drawbacks and advantages to your body. A doctor’s prescription is mandatory before you. Bore to any kind of supplement. Hepatitis and jaundice are even the results of supplements and their side effects.

A weight loss pill promises a ton to speed up your metabolism, slow down body fat, keep away fat absorption, make you feel full and curb your cravings for untimely meals. We however without prior knowledge to a doctor or dietician we relay to amend benefits for us ourselves neglecting the one with the degrees. A proper diet and healthy food will make you forget supplements.

You can happily consume a cake lump to delight without the thought of gaining weight if you go by the decision of your dietician or doctor. First, make sure for yourself about what supplements you lack and do not get swayed away by the ads which guarantee your results. Supplements can’t replace diet and exercise after all. If you have them you have both physical and mental fitness at your fingertips.



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