How to lose weight if you have a sweet tooth?

Desserts which you can add in your diet while weight loss

These two things are absolutely opposite of each other. It seems almost impossible to let go both of these things hand in hand. Having a sweet tooth and the urge to lose weight at the same time doesn’t sound easy. But with the help and guidance of good dieticians, one can take over both!

Yes, one can fearlessly eat the right amount of sweet and the right type of sweet dish while being on a weight loss diet. But yes it should be taken in limited amounts else no use of going on a diet.

Expert dieticians suggest some of the dishes that are sweet and can still be eaten (a little) if you’re on a weight loss mission. Also, some measures will be discussed in order to keep a check on the sugar intake so that it’s always in control.

Let’s take a look at some of those deserts which you can add-

  1. Yogurt parfait A yogurt parfait is prepared with alternate layers of granola and fruits along with yogurt in between. Sometimes one can top it all with a strawberry or berries and add some honey too. One can use Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt. The Greek yogurt is found to be rich in protein. This dessert tastes delicious and is healthy while being sweet.
  2. Baked apples Yes, you read it right. Baking the apples and adding your favorite dressing to them. In order to keep it all healthy, one can go for nuts and honey as the stuffing. The dish remains sweet and yet health friendly. So with no second thoughts, one can try this if you have a sweet tooth and still want to cut down some kilos.
  3. Frozen bananas You might have read that bananas with milk combination are the flag bearer of weight gain. But here you can enjoy eating bananas (maybe without milk) while you are chasing the slim figure. Eating frozen bananas with a little honey added in it becomes a great source of potassium. It is a good dessert idea to be taken into consideration. You can also try a banana ice-cream!
  4. A fresh fruit salad A plate full of different varieties of fruits (salad)with honey or cream in it. What else one can ask for? It is fully loaded with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and is making no interference in your weight loss diet. It is just the perfect dessert for all those who are on a weight loss assignment.
  5. Smoothie You can prepare smoothies at home that are not too sweet. Just add the ingredients which you like the most except for the ones which are fat friendly or are too sweet. A simple smoothie shake is also a good pick in order to end those sweet craving and still maintain weight.


These were some of the dishes one can take a look into in order to end that sweet tooth craving while being on a diet. Now let’s see what measures can be taken in order to keep a check on our sugar intake so that eating our favorite desserts doesn’t affect the weight.

1. Distract the sweet craving How can this be done? In order to trick your mind, just have a glass full of water instead of anything sweet. The idea of having something sweet ends up there and then only. It is nothing but a mere distraction which can be helpful if it becomes hard for you to decline eating sweet.

2. Keep fewer sweets near youIt acts as just another distraction that one can follow up. Having a box full of sweets around you can be difficult to avoid. So just simply keep it away from yourself. But still, don’t be hard on yourself too much. Just keep that sweet in different places in a divided manner. This way you won’t be able to get all of it at once and break the weight loss rules.

3. Calorie checking meterDo it the smart way. With a calorie check device, (or a free BMI calculation) you can get the update of your sweet intake. It is necessary because sweet just doesn’t play a negative role in our life. We cannot deny the fact that our body needs it in order to maintain a good functioning.

With this, we conclude that one cannot completely cut off from the sweet intake as it is necessary for the body. Moreover, there are sweet dishes one can eat despite going for the weight loss diet. So eat sweet unapologetically with some favorable measures to keep a check on your sweet intake.

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