How to Handle Food Cravings During A Diet?

How to Handle Food Cravings During A Diet?

The mission of every individual is having a healthy lifestyle with the best physical appearance and mental state of mind. Often, in order to stay healthy and look fresh, and non-toxic, often we need to follow a diet. However, we tend to get inclined to unhealthy food, which is by the way delicious. The desire of having fast food increases exponentially and food cravings reach a peak during dieting.


Here are some of the ways in which we can handle food craving during dieting.


  1. Drink Loads Of Water: Though it might sound very surprising, and you can as well as be awestruck, drinking water when hungry can help you subdue your hunger. On the other hand, drinking water also helps in cleaning the internal system. So the next time hunger creeps in, drinking water might as well help a lot. Hence, it is evident water acts as an effective appetite suppressant.


  1. Schedule Your Meals: During a balanced diet, it is very important to schedule your meals. It takes around 2 weeks for a body to get accustomed to a habit. Once you make it a habit to have regular meals at regular intervals, your body will get accustomed to your eating habits. As a result, the hormones that result in hunger will definitely be subdued. Also, once your mind knows that you will be having a particular meal at a particular time, temptations will decrease, so will cravings.


  1. Fight back stress: Stress can increase your cravings exponentially. It is very important to fight back stress. As a matter of fact, women undergoing stress tend to consume extra calories than women who aren’t.


The science that also invokes itself is as follows: stress increases cortisol in the blood, which tends to increase your weight, especially in the portion of your belly.


Stress can be reduced by meditating, practicing yoga and keeping a happy mental state in spite of odd.


  1. Exercise: Though the common notion says one should feel hungry due to exercise, however, another logic comes into being when it comes to cravings. By exercising at least 30 minutes per day, the endorphins in your body will be released and as a result, the urge to give yourself up to cravings can be controlled.


  1. Sleep: The cycle of the body revolves around the amount of sleep that an individual has. Sleeping has a direct effect on your appetite. As a matter of fact, the people deprived of sleep can become obese by up to 55 percent, compared to the people who get enough sleep. So a very important factor to control cravings is to get an adequate amount of sleep.


  1. Reduce Intake Of Sugar: Reducing the intake of sugar can help in controlling your cravings. As a matter of fact, your blood glucose is directly affected by sugar, which thereby triggers quick ups and downs. As a result, you tend to crave more sugar. You must avoid soda as it contains high amounts of sugar. High contents of sugar are also present in fruit juices, some of the cereals or energy bars.


  1. Consumption of more protein: Consuming more protein can help you reduce your appetite. As a result, it can reduce cravings. It is said that breakfast should be the heaviest because you are literally breaking the fast. Hence, it is suggested that one should go for the high-protein diet. This will help to reduce cravings.

It has been observed that the intake of protein by 25% can reduce cravings by 60%.

  1. Keeping a distance from cravings: It is important to keep in check that we do not give way to our cravings. How do we do that? Well, let’s just say by distancing ourselves from the item that increases our cravings. For example, if you can’t resist ice cream, stop lingering around the ice cream parlor. However, this can be done with very strong willpower.


  1. Spinach Extract Intake: Spinach extract intake is very helpful in handling cravings during a diet. As a matter of fact, spinach extract helps you to delay in the digestion of fat. Consequently, it also increases the hormones in the blood which reduces appetite, like GLP-1.

Thus, food cravings can be controlled.

You can easily handle your food cravings in these ways and maintain a diet. However, you should remember it is okay to maintain a diet, but cheat days once in a while will do no harm. Happy dieting!

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